Around the grounds: Mid Spring

The garden is awash with colour at the moment: yellow, pink, light and dark green, purple, white – it’s a picture. Thought you might fancy a walk around?

The yellow banksia roses that grow all down the drive popping in and out of the hedge and front gate are in full bloom in the most delicious buttery yellow.

The cherries out the front are popping pink buds everywhere with the fresh new green leaves following not long after. The petals leave a blanket of prettiness underneath.

The clematis around three corners of the house are in bloom, or just about to pop. The pink takes me breath away every time I walk through the front door under it’s grand entrance way.

I’ve had some late jonquils pop up which has been a great thrill for me. I’ve never attempted bulbs before and I’m sure next year I’ll get them in sooner and hopefully have plenty more daffs and tulips.

Lavender’s sweet perfume is released every time you brush past it.

The white wisteria popping through slowly, slowly.

And the green leaves on the ornamental pear the prettiest of fresh spring greens.

And before my very eyes…the grass, weeds, trees, and hedges popping up new growth at a rate I can barely keep up with!

Also! I announced the winners of the $50 Itunes vouchers on the Bisolvin post and one of the winners was Debxoxo – if this is you can you email me your address? Thanks!


  1. Jonquils are such a delight. So lucky to have them in your garden, love Posie

  2. Beautiful photos, Beth! Thanks for sharing.

  3. What a lovely garden. You are so lucky!

  4. Living the dream Beth. So jealous!

  5. My how your garden grows. I am in love! Thinking I might have to give clematis a red hot go it’s gorgeous x

  6. Wow Beth, having major yard envy after that post!
    The white wisteria is beautiful xo

  7. I love that clematis! I am trying to decide on a climber for my front pergola and was considering jasmine but I had forgotten how gorgeous clematis really is.
    What a delightful garden, you are so lucky!

  8. Just one word Beautiful. x

  9. Oh how lovely. That is my idea of a dream garden!

  10. Green! Flowers! Plants! Oh it looks like heaven. I miss green. Your entrance must take your breath away every time you come home! xx

  11. looks so lush and green.

    Everything here is dead!

  12. Love your garden. Its divine.Giulia.x

  13. Wow. That is one beautiful garden. Prettiness everywhere.

  14. Very jealous

  15. Aaahhh, so beautiful!

  16. Such beautiful photos. I love all these cooler climate plants. I would love to plant clematis here in Brisbane as I grew up with it in the UK, but it’s too hot here. I’ll have to be content with looking wistfully at your blog. Thanks for your lovely post as always. F xx

  17. What a beautiful house and garden you have – totally jealous but inspired! thank you for sharing


  18. ALWAYS love pics of your garden and home lady. You photograph it all so beautifully and it is all just so incredibly lovely. I would adore a garden like that… though I know I am WAY too lazy to KEEP a garden like that… so best I just admire ones like yours πŸ˜‰ xo

  19. Seriously Beth, has your house been feature in Home Beautiful or Country Style? If not, why not?!

  20. Beth – Your garden your house…OMG they are just so freaking beautiful. I am such a garden head at heart although I fought it for years as I thought it was something old people liked…lmao Geez I am getting old! I just have to go back and have another scroll through these pics as they just evoke such an awesome feeling in me as I look at them πŸ™‚ xx

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