The Accountant Series

On Monday afternoon Harper, aged 2.75, worked out how to draw. Years of scribble suddenly pulled into focus and before she knew it – there was a person! Then a spider. Then a penguin. Daisy almost fell over when she saw it – suddenly Harper could do something too! She was impressed. For now. I’m sure it won’t last.

All week I’ve had wee drawings presented to me. These funny little people. Full of expression. And character. I adore them.

I think they look like little accountants.

This is Barry.

Hard working all this life. Yet to meet the right lady, but on the look out. He likes Steak with Mushroom sauce and light beer.

And this pensive chap, Graeme. Yes, spelt that way.

A slight fellow. Enjoys Sao’s with cheese AND butter with his cup of tea for morning tea.

I can’t wait for my next round. I think I’ll frame the lot. That, or write a story about them.


  1. OMG i love this.

  2. I love them, such character!

  3. That…has…made…my…day!!! Lol, you are so right, they do look like accountants.

  4. Love it! I think you captured the men completely.

  5. feebeecakes says

    I love pensive Graeme…I would frame him…I don’t mind saos with cheese and butter with my morning tea either, maybe I am his perfect match?

  6. Great work, Harper!

  7. These are awesome! Go Harps! My nearly 4 year old has only just this week finally drawn a person that actually looks (kind of) like a person! No Picassos here but I was very impressed. Love it when they suddenly do something new. Clever cookies.x

  8. They are too cute! Can you asks her to draw Doris, the accountants secretary? She has a high bun and a twin set, but on the weekends she is a pole dancer.

  9. Frame them plus a story!

  10. Wow that’s incredible! My 3 year old isn’t even close to drawing like that.

  11. She is brilliant for her age. No really she is. Barry is adorable, slightly receding hair line with side burns. And Graeme, well, he is just too cute. I say write a story about them!

  12. That’s amazing for a little person who is 2.75 years old. Seriously.

    My son didn’t really start drawing with any point and purpose until he turned 5. Now he draws everything ALL the time. It’s been a long time coming and, like you, I love every drawing (plus how quiet and focused he is while he is doing it).

    Imagine how good Harper will be by 5!

    Lovely post.

  13. Luluisthatyou says

    Adorbs! How clever is that little lady?! They are so precious. My 3.75yr old has only just started drawing and his older brother has had Daisy-like reactions also. It’s so funny when the older one thinks they’re the bees knees and then the younger one comes along and blows them out of the water.
    Sadly, I get lots of “I’m missing Daddy” drawings (he’s away a lot) and little persons with big persons. No accountants here. Just Daddies.
    Yes, can we please have Doris?
    PS I hope Harper is feeling better soon. That IG pic was heartbreaking. (And always they get sick while you’re solo parenting, right?) L xx

  14. Oh…watch out Daddy R…I like the sound of that Barry!

    Baby C loves to “draw” too.
    At sixteen months, chalk is his favourite medium.
    He leaves his mark all over the neighborhood…he crouches, does three little wobbly lines, walks a bit further, crouches and draws three more lines.
    I have no idea what he is trying to communicate.

    I can’t wait to see what friends join Barry and Graeme…and what stories about them you come up with!

  15. Check out the app artkive

  16. Check out the app – artkive

  17. I like, I like, I like., and mrs woog, your funny! Before you know it, you’ll have a whole town of little accountants! Jodie

  18. Isn’t it amazing how they suddenly just get it? My son one day just drew our family – it’s my favourite piece of artwork ever.


    Oh my lord she is CLEARLY gifted. Rocco is four and has nowhere near the penmanship Harper has.

    Love them.


  20. my boss’ name is graham, he is not pensive. he is a sarcastic londoner with a fetish for chocolate and coffee, and no tolerance for shit in either category.

  21. These drawings are just adorable! I love stuff like this.

    Those fellows look a bit like the lavishly renumerated scientists at the World Famous Faux Fuchsia Institute for Scientific Research.

    Did you hear about Charlotte Dawson being hospitalised after being bullied on twitter?

  22. You could put them in a book with each of their little stories

  23. Those are amazing drawings for an almost 3 year old!

  24. BabyMac, these are fabulous! And quite advanced for a nearly three year old. Google child stages of drawing’ and you will see! Love love love the expressions.

  25. Hello Beth!

    I just want to wish you a happy day that I hope spills over into your weekend.

    Thanks for being a great inspiration!


  26. You crack me up lady! What I think is so cute is how all kids draw people in the same way when they start..that fascinates me. My kids were older than 2 when they started to draw people, but they still looked like Barry and Graeme up there πŸ™‚

    xx Karen

  27. These are fab! my youngest is the same age and there is NO WAY he could draw a picture that slightly resembled what he was trying to draw. My 5 year old is only JUST able to do that.


  28. They’re amazing!! What a clever girl she is!

  29. They are amazing. Like really amazing. I think my daughter was still just scribbling at that age. At 8 she certainly is not showing the most amazingly artistic skills either! Bless her… she is 1/2 accountant though and has other talents.

  30. Are you serious!!??? Far out, they’re good. Really good. I couldn’t draw people that look like that.

  31. They are great! Like, amazing! I would frame them, too! I wish I could draw faces that expressive…


  32. Wow. That really is amazing for her age Beth, do you know that! My Miss now 6 started drawing people with bodies and facial features at about 3.5 and we were amazed. Apparently they really aren’t able to do that much detail until at least 4 / 4-5. What a little wizard you have on your hands!

  33. Wow, way to go, Harper! These are seriously awesome – love their expressions.

  34. I laughed my head off, thank you. Great drawings, my husband is an accountant (sometime,when he is not off sailing around the world) I’ll have to check with a pic of him to see if there are any similarities.

  35. Keep them. Frame them. Once she’s started her drawing will change and develop and not go back. These are so special

  36. Heidi Fitz says

    seriously excellent drawings for 2.75 yo Harper! frame! frame! (i think graeme looks a little worried tho…hard day punching the numbers?)Hx

  37. You are hilarious! And Harper is a star artist! These are too cute and with the beautiful descriptions just made my day so much brighter after a shitty start. Thanks Beth x
    Annie M

  38. NO!! NO!! These are INCREDIBLE! I literally cannot believe my eyes. These are amazing. That is one talented daughter you have there!

  39. Not sure what I like best, the drawings or your descriptions of the. Adorable. Even got a laugh out of the husband, and he normally groans when I say “hey come look at this blog post!”

  40. What a crack up. You are so right! I have known men just like these two. I am also double laughing because my hubby, who works in accounts, likes to order a steak with mushroom sauce when he goes out because I am vegetarian and won’t cook him one!

  41. Beth,

    You’re hilarious.

    And this reminded me of that ad, ‘Clive. Aged 5’.

    I’ll have a Harper, aged 2.75 years thanks! πŸ˜‰

    Gorgeous child x

  42. Terribly brilliant for her age, especially to have the first fella looking away, and down to the side. So my hubby the artist says. And I say frame them.

  43. Amazing! I can almost hear the story of Barry and Graeme popping out of the paper! You have to write a story!

  44. I love this post. Frame them! Go Harper!

  45. Tee hee, bless her, they are so cute. I like Barry, he looks like he’s holding his breath, love Posie

  46. write a book, print it out, best bed time stories ever right there. Imagine when she’s reading them to her children.

  47. I love how their little personalities come through. Fabulous job Harper!
    It’s so beautiful when they’re just so proud of their work xx

  48. Harper is so very clever. Please frame the lovely accountants. She should be as proud as punch and it’s so gorgeous her big sister is impressed. Thanks for sharing. Hope you have a great weekend and Dad has an awesome homemade card with a portrait by Harper on the way. Jx

  49. they are so fabulous, they really do have so much character! well done harper πŸ™‚

  50. I love these so much! Please write a book about them. My son just started drawing proper things too – it’s pretty fascinating to watch and I love the running commentary that goes with them. x

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