This will just have to do right now

I just realised that I left my DSLR camera to laptop connector AT HOME. I know, Mrs Woog is just as angry at me as I am at myself. And as you all would be too. I have spent the past 24 hours taking snaps of each meal, each champagne and wine, each sleep and part of the journey so far and now? Well, I’ll have to wait until I get to a camera shop in the morning. Until then I’ll have to take some bad snaps from my phone.

We left yesterday morning at 6am. This was me looking fresh and excited and ready. I can assure you that 24 hours later I was not looking as fresh, I had my period, I had 3 hours sleep, but I was just as excited.

We trotted ourselves into the lounge, ate some hash browns and bacon and I went to the bathroom approximately 34 times. I was NERVY.

I told Mrs Woog that I might cry a little over the next two weeks. Over missing the girls and Rob, over a good cocktail or a really good meal, over an art work, or building or slice of pizza. She just nodded and smiled and thought I was talking shit until we took our seats in Business Class and I promptly burst into happy, grateful, how is this even happening to me tears.

The trip was good, real good and I have an entire post to come about that. So I’ll fast forward until we got to the airport and to the driver that Mrs Woog had arranged for us through one of her readers. Percy, the world’s nicest man picked us up and drove us to our apartment. He had a bunged up town car with the most hilarious sign that ever there was used to pick someone up with. Ripped out A4 paper wedged into his car window for “Miss Woog”. Classy like. We loved Percy and he didn’t mind one bit when I squealed and (almost) cried as we drove over the bridge into Manhattan.

There were yellow cabs! And streets called 2nd Avenue! HOLY SHIT I AM IN NEW YORK.

We arrived at our lovely little apartment. It’s perfect. Better in real life than it was online and we have both perched ourselves up with our macs on our laps trying to recreate Miss Bradshaw pondering as we look out the window to the city.

We decided to go out, grab something to eat and rolled 2 quick G & T’s and a beer before we got some wine to take home. We stopped for a ciggie on the stoop. BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT YOU DO IN NEW YORK.

I like to gauge the price of a town by the price of champagne and chemist goods and a bunch of bananas. After picking up some OPI’s for $8.50, Architectural Digest for under $6 and noticing I can get a bottle of french for $40, I think New York and I are going to get on quite well.

I’m not sure how we are still awake – on about 3.5 hours sleep over the past 24 hours, yet here we are, sipping a cold sauvignon blanc and trotting out a blog post on the lounge in front of the TV – not much changes. Tomorrow morning I’m going to get out for a walk first thing, then we plan on shopping – I have a camera connector to get now don’t I? Now, if you will excuse me, I need to finish this wine and pass out for 7 hours.

Good night Australia!


  1. Totally excited for you.

  2. You just know now that when I watch Sex and the City on Friday night (as I always do) I’ll be looking for you and Mrs Woog. Have fun!!

  3. So excited for you Beth. And jealous. Greeeeeen I tells ya.
    Have the bestest time of your LIFE xxx

  4. Already sounds SUPER amazing !!

  5. Anonymous says

    Just a point…if you have a macbook pro you can just take out your sd card and load your photos straight onto your laptop. Not sure if the macbook air has one as well but just noticed you mentioned you have a mac laptop?

  6. Can I just say. Your boobs look totally hot with that scarf! Go the fuck to sleep so tomorrow you can go shopping and go buy a camera cord!

  7. Can feel the excitement! And re the cord – I’ve got an eye-Fi card so photos can upload automatically to my laptop when in wi-fi. Geek. I. Am.

  8. Loving your hair short by the way!

  9. At least you know you’re not pregnant. Bring on the G&Ts!

  10. OMG!!! Look at you guys!!! So great!

  11. Love Mrs Woog’s plastic bag, she’s all class! Enjoy girls x

  12. Love it! Have a blast!

  13. So so so happy for you right now! Can’t wait to enjoy the ride along with you via the blog/ twitter and IG.


    Gab x

  14. Carly Findlay says

    Yay! I loved this post! I am about to board my flight to New York – hope to see you before BlogHer x
    Have fun!

  15. Traci Sparkle Devlin says

    This is amazing, so bloody pleased for you. It is bringing back wonderful memories. Thank you!

  16. I just gotta say a few things-
    1. You look super cute in that first pic!
    2. I can’t believe your awake!
    3. I’m so super jealous!
    Get some sleep & come back & tell me more!!!!!

  17. God I hope I’m as good as you and Mrs Woog one day and can go to New York! You look gorgeous in that first photo. Can’t wait to see your photo’s when you get the cord.

  18. I can’t wait to see the yellow cabs, look forward to meeting you next week, see you in NY!!

  19. SOOOO excited for you (and you look amazing in that first shot by the way!!). Can’t wait to see more photos when you sort out your camera cord. Hope you get some sleep xx

  20. Very coherent.

  21. I never thought I would say this but I do miss Duane Reade!
    No where in Australia can you fill a prescription, buy some laundry detergent, pick up some nail polish, a gallon of milk and a thirty pack of beer! One stop shopping!
    Although on the topic of nail polish…don’t forget to pop into one of the thousands of nail places and get a thirty dollar mani pedi!

    So glad you that you made it…arrived in style no less!
    You are going to have the best time!
    Please keep the updates coming!

  22. OMG OMG OMG you’re in FREAKING NEW YORK BETTY AND WOOGSY!! I have been thinking about you both all day. Particularly when:

    1) I yelled at my kids eleventy billion times this morning before 8:30am to get ready for school
    2) Did the grocery shopping, unpacked it and then realised I forgot key dinner ingredients and had to go back to Coles
    3) Picked up my kids from school, ranted and raved with them to do their homework eleventy billion times
    4) Cooked dinner whilst listening to my daughter do a home reader and my son try and work out how to calculate angles
    5) and NOW – sitting on the lounge (finally) listening to them kill each other upstairs.

    Every time you miss your kids and want to come home I want you to think about cray hour at home.
    OMG enjoy every second of every day biatches!

  23. Slightly jealous of you, but super excited for you.
    New York!
    I love your hair BTW,

  24. cannot wait to join you my friend


  25. oh that’s me, I don’t know how to get the photo thingy x

  26. Fantastic lady, I can feel the excitement through these pics and words… and I AM excited for you! Enjoy enjoy enjoy! xo

  27. This is amazing. Please keep us updated. I am totally and utterly living vicariously through you. I miss NY.

  28. Enjoy a big sleep!!!! Can you believe….YOU’RE IN NEW YORK!!!????? No way!! Love it.

  29. I have to agree with Nikki- get the eye fi card- you will not regret it, send to your phone via direct mode- no wifi needed. then it goes into photostream on the comp. Get one at the camera store as well as your hi speed usb cable- it fits into the SD slot Does your camera have Sd or CF or both?

  30. Ssqueeaallll. So exciting.

  31. So freaken excited. Keep us updated with every little detail!

  32. I just love your hair short Beth. Hot! Oh yeah, and VERY jealous. I heart NY.
    So looking forward to your blog updates ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Totally living vicariously through you at the moment. Enjoy!

  34. you look, like, 12 in that photo. Jealous. Love Mrs Woogs fag – we would get along just swell
    T xx

  35. I love that you’ve just touched down and carried on blogging. I can’t wait!!!!! See you soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. So much to comment on, but I’m going to say just this. You look gorgeous with short hair. GORGEOUS! xx

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