Saturday we caught up with family for a wonderful afternoon of sunshine, cousins catching up and playing, eating, chatting and drinking…with unlimited french on tap, boy did I give it a nudge! Anyone that reads my blog or knows me, knows that these are my very favourite kinds of afternoons enjoying the simple things in life – I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world.

I am really enjoying taking more and more photos and I am slowly, slowly getting better at adjusting my settings on the trot. They still need work (as Tim said 100’s of photos over 100’s of days) but for shots that are only ever straight out of the camera and not processed at all, I am stoked with them (even more so with 27 champagnes under my belt). It’s so good for your brain to learn something new don’t you think?

Busy day here today before heading up to Sydney tomorrow night…and NEW YORK ON WEDNESDAY. Sheesh.


  1. Beth … we had a family/cousins catch up (with a little champers!) too. See you in NYC!!

  2. gotta love a good cartwheel session. recognise that “about to go” anywhere.
    We too had a relaxo in the sunshine weekend. No cousins or bubbles but def family time.

  3. If only I could get my own photos so crisp and clear. Perhaps the champagne had something to do with it…
    [email protected]

  4. Daisy is SUCH a smoocher!

  5. LOVE that cartwheel shot!
    Say hi to NYC for me……I miss her x

    p.s. I am officially fabulous in my house after rocking your pork belly recipe last night

  6. Heidi Fitz says

    Sheesh alright – excited for you! Beautiful shots. Beautiful arvo. Hx

  7. I LOVE your photos. They capture a moment that you’ll go back to again and again – the beginning of a cartwheel, a headstand, a kiss…. Gorgeous I say, gorgeous!

  8. Beautiful photos, they’re the moments to be treasured. Have a gorgeous time in NY! xx

  9. Did you really get to 27? Holy shit. Last I heard you were up to 15 and I thought that was commendable!

  10. Remind me never to attempt drinking you under the table… I’d have been history after glass number 3!

    Love the photos, Beth – can’t wait to see what you see behind the lens in NYC! Safe travels xx

  11. That last selfie in the reflection….love it!

    Getting betterer and betterer at the photo taking.

    Let’s sit down and go through albums one day – over champers?

    Gab x

  12. Beth Im having a little giggle to myself trying to put a caption on photo number 5. Is that lady in the background squashing a kid?? Too funny.

  13. Beautiful pics lady, you’ve got a knack for capturing the memorable moments. Have a wonderful, safe trip, look forward to keeping up with your adventures here xo

  14. Your photos are lovely and I can tell you’re having a lot of fun learning and playing with your camera. x

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