Kim taught me the concept of re-entry and as soon as she gave it a name, I was all like “Yes! THAT.” She also taught me about the terrible thing that is the hormones of day 3 of your period, but that’s an entirely different post all together.

Re-entry is hard. It sucks. It can be re-entry of anything really, but it’s that adjusting from a norm to a new norm that is what’s hard – the first hot humid day of summer when you panic and remember how hot and awful summer can be. It’s the first cold morning when you hop out of the shower and get dressed and know that you have 5 months of cold ahead of you. It’s the awesome first 4 minutes after you have been away from your kids before you realise just how noisy and needy they can be. That. Right now we seem to be riding a few waves of re-entry. And I’m looking out the back to see when there is going to break in the set.

Term 2 has been REALLY tough for Daisy. Her re-entry into School life and routines and having teachers be bossy and teacher like have been enough to have her in tears each and every morning this term. That’s 4 weeks to anyone who is counting. I am. We are trying to get to the bottom of it, trying to play nice, kind, patient, loving and caring cop and then tough you just have to get on with it life in hard tough cop with the same results. The only thing we need right now is time, just time and it will pass. right? Like a bad gastro bug that passes. Still sucks when you are in the middle of it.

Harper has heralded in the re-entry to the winter months with a cracking cold. Of course it has gone straight to her lungs and her asthma has been quite terrible. Tuesday night we had an absolute shocker with me desperately convincing myself that I didn’t need to take her to hospital, that they wouldn’t do anything different that I was doing except we were in our warm, comfy house where Daisy could stay sleeping. I started the day at 3.30am. Welcome back winter with all your constant colds, it’s um, great to see you.

Rob has been working up in Sydney a few days this week and was away for 2 nights. I officially suck at solo parenting because I am lucky enough to rarely have to do it. I ramp but the drama of just about everything and every situation presented to us along the way, but we eventually get into a little routine and by the end are quite comfortable with our all lady house. When he arrived home last night the girls were completely uninterested in his presence and were all flustered, I couldn’t get my act together namely because he bought home a bottle of champagne that I decided to drink before they were in bed which meant a delay in just about every step of the normal nightly routine, and this morning we were bluing each other about just who has had it harder as a parent dropping Daisy off to daycare versus School over the years. Yeah that. Cause it’s totally a hardship competition this parenting malarkey isn’t it? Yes. Re-entry? Not so smooth.

In other news, Harper has a new found passion for a hot chocolate.

Oh, and she’s apparently turned 12.

Now, I’m off to catch my breath before the next set rolls in…


  1. Think I’m caught in that set with you. Nice to know we are ducking waves together

  2. How’s her whole sleeping in general been after the op??

    • Harper, I mean. And the Daisy thing…when I was in year 4 I did the whole cry at the school gate and not want Mum to go, along with a nice bout of insomnia. I did eventually get over it, just took a little time 🙂

    • Becs she has been great! Really much better and it’s such a relief knowing that she is sleeping soundly each night. Of course she still wakes up, because that’s what kids do, and she still gets up and gets into our bed most nights, because that’s what kids do. I am slowly learning that it just doesn’t matter, that it won’t happen forever and be OK with that. At least she can breathe now and won’t ever have problems with her tonsils in her lifetime. A good result! Thanks for checking in x

  3. I love her scarf! And her chocolate moustache!
    Parenting totally becomes a competition in our household too…and I hate it! I totally do all the hard bits of parenting and therefore deserve more breaks from parenting! Ha ha!
    Hope you manage to dodge most of those winter colds!

  4. Oh poor Daisy. I hope the shool drop off improves, VERY SOON.

  5. We also are having re-entry into second term of kinder issues. Going to have a meeting with the teacher on Monday to talk, hopefully to make it all a bit easier on us. Kinda glad I am not the only one… but kinda also not glad.

    Still really enjoying your blog and the podcasts.

    Sarah from Canberra

  6. I too am looking for a break in the set… If you see it before I do can you let me know? I’m not a good swimmer 😉

  7. Bah! That scarf – love it.
    In other news…re-entry is hard in all facets of life. I get that too. Not as a parent (yet) but it’s everywhere isn’t it? Ugh. Good luck, and yes time, time is what you need xx

  8. No kid in kindy should be crying about school. Seriously! Someone is really messing with her self esteem. Meet the teachers and executive and tell them about it, it may be a peer thing too-feeding off each other. That little pink scarfed choco lover looks to have more choc than milk in the cup, way too cute!

  9. I have re-enrty every monday morning. I hate it.

  10. Hi I have just discovered your blog, love it! I totally feel your pain, my girl was awful about going to playschool, school until she was about 12!!Not every day, but often. She would cry, I would try and distract her, promising the world if she could just manage to go without crying. The best thing the school did was give her a little job to do in the morning, like putting out the chairs or something. It really worked-most of the time.

  11. ahhh re-entry….I am all too familiar!!. Remember…”it too shall pass…that is until the next re-entry”…..xxxx

  12. re-entry… sounds kinda like… rea…. no. I wont.

    Harper is looking a little like Cher from clueless here. I like it.

    As for everything else, poo. poo to re-entry (no pun intended).

    xo em

    • I completely agree! You know, back in the day I was always told I looked like Alicia Silverstone. She now only eats raw food so I imagine I look NOTHING like her!

  13. I hope Daisy starts settling back into school for you real soon!
    Now, I need to know more about this Day 3 Period hormone thing! I may just be normal yet??!!

  14. Fingers crossed the re-entry to school settles down really soon, for everyone’s sake.
    Very cute pic, looks like hot chocolate will be a regular request.

  15. Husbo has been on the tractor for the last 2 weeks while I do the solo parenting gig. Such hard work and I find every single thing that Macie does wrong is escalated and I find i can’t handle it. Then I proceed to call Heath 15 times a day to tell him about it. Lucky he puts up with all my shit! Once again – another fabbo post. I’m sitting here in my freezing cottage at 5am just so I can have 30 minutes silence to refuel before daycare drop-off….which can be a bit like school dropoff for Daisy. And they wonder why we drink…. Thank god for Baby Mac.

  16. We’re doing the re-entry thing after a month away on holidays and it’s hard! Re-entry into daycare, re-entry into running my shop, re-entry into paying the mountain of bills that piled up while we were away. A good hot chocolate and the occasional time out just “hangin'” goes a long way into making it a smoother transition I think. You’re on the right path Mrs Mac 🙂

  17. Oh Dear, your readers may need re-entry as yesterday I had one of my “I hear voices in my head” posts up which may have scared them all. Just a lot.

    It’s ok though, I’ve just put a post up about sex. Situation: Normal.

  18. hope you get a break in the set very soon x

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