Over the Back Fence {Episode 3}

Good morning friends! It’s that time of the week again, time to download our latest episode into your iTunes for your walk, run or car trip. I can only apologise now for the worst Seal impression to ever hit the airwaves. It sounded much better when I was watching the Voice earlier in the week.

Or you can download through iTunes below. Enjoy!

Over The Back Fence (mp3)


  1. Great stuff guys. Listening to you both while doing some work. Love you both, can relate to everything you say, from loving Mad Men, the Tudors -Sir Rob and Lady Beth, to watching Midnight in Paris and Vicky-Cristina Barcelona (and I love Penelope Cruz and Javier, I was in love with Javier when i went to see Tie me up and tie me down back in the day-he was so hot, I also wanted to be called Penelope when I was 6), to slow cooker recipes.
    You guys are very very funny, re: pegs, I feel sad for the pegs on the line too and need to bring them in their basket. I also feel a bit anxious and also like to bring things inside, and I live in the eastern suburbs in Sydney, no frost. I hate leaving clothes on the line for too long even if they are damp.
    Please do more Seal and Heidi impersonations and I really want to know why they split up and a run through a conversation between them Beth! Please!

  2. You guys are hysterical.
    My kids rip the clothes off the line and leave all the pegs on the grass. Drives me nuts.

  3. Beth I’m really loving the podcasts..but I’m loving the cows at the beginning as well….for obvious reasons! They sound very happy…

  4. Sitting in my apartment in Lagos Nigeria on the 3rd floor with no clothesline and coiled barbed wire over the back fence, I am LOVING your podcasts as I can pretend I am still in my little Victorian country town where once upon a time people really did chat over the back fence when hanging out the washing. I was a bit freaked out about the poo germs in our toothbrushes and put lids down on toilets for oh lets say a good day and a half after hearing that. I also loved the cows this week 🙂

  5. Hi Beth (and Neighbour). Just a quick one to let you know that I’m really enjoying this podcast of yours. I’m a huge fan of good podcasts, but it’s a really male-dominated field, so it’s great to hear women’s perspectives on life.

    My dear friends Mum is very ill in hospital and having a bone marrow transplant this week. I’m putting your first couple of episodes on CD for her now to listen to in hospital. I think your funny take on domestic life will really help to distract and entertain her while she’s feeling so ill. So thanks guys! You are helping more than you know. x

  6. don’t we all love diamond castles in the sky?

  7. I am very poor at the domestic duties. More tips please!! Beth can you share the secret of your stunning floors?

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