Over the Back Fence Xmas Special {Season 5 Ep 4}


In this year’s Christmas Special, Neighbour and I discuss the start of school holidays, massive jugs, Star Wars and swimmers, hair pie, spending habits, Christmas menus, tactics for surviving long car trips, and things we’ve learnt this year. Happy holidays to all.

You can listen to it online here:

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We both hope you have a very Merry Christmas and look forward to many more chats in the new year! If you’re new to Over the Back Fence you can check out the entire back catalogue all 35 EPISODES for your listening pleasure on your family holiday here (it drowns out the noise of children in the back seat of your car at least).


  1. funny beth!
    I want the pav you made though please!
    just send it to me that’ll be fine hun!
    it looks amazing!
    lol m:)X

  2. I have to tell you that I love listening to your podcasts on my morning walk! I am dying to put a face to neighbours name. From a 22 year old Victorian and fellow Prosecco aficionado.

  3. Love this convo! The podcasts always have me laughing out loud. I made my first Pav a few years ago and can’t stop! A bit of mixing, bit of stirring, bit of pouring, easy!! I used to car trip a lot when we were kids, with family all over the country, we were always in the car. It is definitely easier and calmer in this day and age with all the Tech, our kids have it so easy.

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