Over the Back Fence {Episode 5}

It’s worth the wait…I promise! OK, maybe not, but we are back nonetheless. Neighbour is back and she’s ready to talk about the “chicken incident”. Enjoy!

Over The Back Fence (mp3)


  1. kelwoodford says

    I think that was the funniest episode yet girls!!!!

  2. loving it Beth and Neighbour! totes think you guys should do your own agony aunt section where listeners can send in their problems and you guys answer them.. would be HILARIOUS!

  3. Agreed! Best one yet ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. I thought it was the best one yet too – cracked me up listening back!

  5. Great episode. Thanks.
    The no shower daily makes me feel dirty though. Sorry!!

  6. Ladies! fabulous ep! thanks so much for the laughs, this is by far your best episode left.
    I’m a two shower a day girl but I wash my hair every 2-3 days.
    thanks again
    Everyday Happenings

  7. Can we discuss how often we should be washing sheets and towels?

  8. Classic!

  9. OMG – embarrassed and excited all over again! Made Hubby and kids listen this week (well just to the bit where you mentioned Sarah-Jane) and hubby got that stupid man grin at neighbour’s hubby doing the ‘roll over’ during the medical emergency) ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. Anonymous says

    Oh Moanah!!! Loved it.I can relate to husband rolling over.So many times I have had to jump out of bed ( because he has had too many beers) to pick up kids from train,party or night clubs and my dear husband hasn’t even noticed I have gone and saved my/our children and crawled back into bed.The look of surprise when I’ve told him the next morning.
    Oh that ‘stabby tongue’.That has bought back memories.Great episode.Krinny

  11. Anonymous says

    Best one yet ladies. Made me snort with laughter at some points. Really enjoying it. Can’t wait til the next one!

  12. Well played again ladies, and happy belated 35th neighour!

  13. I finally got to listen to almost all of the episodes as my parents drove me home from Wollongong to Sydney. I’m yet to find a time when I can listen without being interrupted by the little person of the house. Love love loving the podcast!! I really want to come around for dinner, wine and gasbagging with you and neighbour ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Finished listening to podcast today after the school drop off. Had to stop it earlier last week when miss 10 asked what “congress” was. But I have started using “congress” often now.

    So glad you know you are royalty with the tea.

    Now off to download Ep 6

    Thanks for the laughs

  15. Oh AND was walking in my local park the other day and stumbled across a couple of teenages engaging in “congress” I SO loved using the phrase.

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