Over the Back Fence {Season 5 Ep 1}


Just like Elvis in ’68, Neighbour and I are back in this comeback special to open season 5. In this episode we talk the Hayne Train/Plane, television, the trials of book week, winter growth, indoor bird poo and ‘getting a man in’….

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  1. YAY you’re back. And just two weeks until Italy, I’m green with envy. Not sure I could rock suede-fringed items. Have a great week!

  2. I almost couldn’t believe it’s been TWO YEARS!! But then I realised the last time I was listening to you & neighbour was when I was driving home from work & I haven’t been working for 2 & half years & have had two babies!
    And you talking about books CRACKED ME UP!!!

  3. Classic Beth ! Women can solve all the worlds problems. As I am new to your blog I have now downloaded all previous “Over The Back Fence” episodes so I can listen during my morning tea and lunch breaks.

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