Monday Meal Ideas: Lockdown Lunches

Good morning friends, how are you all going? I hope that everyone is feeling semi ok at the start of another week and for so many – still stuck in lockdown. I know how tough this can be mentally on people, so make sure you are looking after yourselves ok? I have had a few questions from people about ideas for lunch during lockdown when the house is filled with people and you need to have a lunch to break up the day, fill up people and taste yum. Here are some of my fave ideas for what to eat this week…lunch or dinner!

Potato Scallops
Roasted pumpkin with fennel and chilli
Corn Fritters

I hope that whatever the week ahead brings for us all that you are doing ok. Keep safe and warm, get outside for fresh air and exercise when you can, and eat up. Sending you love and strength if you are struggling x

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