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Well the school holidays have been and gone and thankfully (for us) we weren’t under lockdown or under restrictions so were able to have a relatively normal time. Thought I better catch you all up on what we got up to…there will be a separate post for our once in a lifetime trip to the snow packed to the brim with photos.

The holidays started off on the first weekend with Dorothy’s christening in our local village teeny tiny church on a cold Sunday afternoon. We all wore masks, there were literally a handful of us but we had a lovely celebration for wee Dot. Bless her.


Then the next day we were up early and off to the farm for a few days to say goodbye to the matriarch of the farm, Micky. Micky (Lady Margaret Mackay) is Rob’s Step Grandmother (Sue’s Mum) who lives up at the farm with Sue and before that, Alan. She has done so for the past 14 years or so when she moved out from England. I met Micky when Rob and I were first dating, we visited her home in England in 2006, and she has seen every one of our girls as babies, into big kids.

It was a lovely chance for us all to see her one last time. We had some quiet winter farm days with lots of walks, a bonfire, time by the fire and on the verandah painting and reading. These are always a favourite of mine as they are such a contrast to the summer days we have after Christmas.

Micky passed away early last week when we got back from the snow, peacefully surrounded by her family. She will be missed by us all and leaves behind another hole at the farm.

Last week we were back into the swing of things with work, and juggling the school holidays and kids.

We are so grateful that we are able to send our kids to school this week and send lots of love and strength to all in greater Sydney who are in a lockdown during a scary time with no end in sight at the stage. It’s such a scary time when things seem to be out of control, and with so many people facing a long period of uncertainty for their families and businesses. Stay safe friends.

Tomorrow Rob and I are headed back up to the farm for less than 24 hours for the funeral and we get back into the swing of the school term. The girls still have sport on, for now, but who knows how long that will last for. I hope you are all doing ok, being kind to yourselves and others and staying safe and well. Lots of love to you, from us x


  1. Robyn Savage says

    ❤️ Hugs for your families loss

  2. Such beautiful shots of Dots’ day. I’m sorry to hear about Micky and hope Sue is going okay. First week back at school was a tough one. The new senior syllabus means we rarely get a break with our seniors – we just move straight into more learning and assessment so Term 3 has begun at a hectic pace. I’m a bit under the weather and hope a quiet weekend will help me turn around. I’m watching the second season of Never Have I Ever. Such a fun show!

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