A weekend at the Snow

As someone who is turning 44 in a few weeks I can tell you that a trip to the snow has been a loooooong time coming for me. I have dreamt about the snow, as you would know, am obsessed with us getting some at home every winter, and will go snow chasing into neighbouring towns if there’s ever some on the radar. So when our friend who has been a skier with her family her entire life told us that there were vacancies at their family ski club in Perisher because of lockdowns, it took us approximately 2.4 seconds to reply “were in!” This was a once in am lifetime opportunity for the Clampitts to head to the snow and have a go. Rob went skiing at a young kid with his family and in his uni days, but for me this was a first and it was VERY exciting.

We were so lucky to head away with friends on a weekend where it was dumping snow – we were even more lucky to stay in these gorgeous lodges that were the first to be built in Perisher by Jess’s grandparents in the early 1950s. The lodges were built in Norway and sent over to be rebuilt here and are the most gorgeous warm and cosy and fairytale perfect little places right in the middle of the mountain. We had to get the Tube (train) up and  then an oversnow to bring all our stuff in (and we had a LOT of it with food, drink, ski stuff and bedlinen/towels). It was amazing to be able to walk into the village though up and over the mountain to the action. It literally felt a million miles away from home.

We arrived Friday early afternoon after getting away from home super early – the boys headed off to ski for the afternoon while Lucy and I got us sorted in the lodge. After an afternoon walk in the snow we settled into the night with a warm curry and an early night.

Saturday we had Harper & Archie off to ski school for a few hours while Chris and Rob headed off to ski. We tried to manage Dots and Mags who were only interested inn briefly heading outside to build a snowman or head on a toboggan and then go back inside where it was warm. There was no skiing for me (this time) as I just got my head around how it all worked. Plus…how expensive is it to do anything at the snow? Far OUT. I was happy to cook lunch and drink champs by the fire this time.

We had some heavier snowfalls Saturday afternoon into evening when we had a delicious Christmas in July dinner while the beautiful big snowflakes fell down outside. It was truly a dream come true to experience and I will never EVER forget how beautiful that Saturday night was.

Sunday morning was amazing as we woke to so much snow everywhere. It was just SO beautiful! Everyone headed out again for their adventures and then packed down to a cosy Sunday night dinner by the fire. It was so cosy and delightful in the cabin…just as I imagined it would be in my fairytale dreams.

And then on Monday we had blue sky! In the morning at least on a still, warm day and then more snow in the evening.

It was such a special weekend we had the one off pleasure of enjoying. We are not snow people, don’t do these kind of holidays so it was a real treat and privilege to be able to experience this one time. We didn’t do all the things you are probably meant to do, but boy did we have fun while we were at it. I will never forget this, not ever. Special thanks to Jess and James for the invitation to enjoy such a special place.

And apologies to all of you who had snow trips planned that were cancelled. I can see why you take these amazing holidays, it’s truly magical, especially when there is snow!


  1. The snow holds a special place in my heart. On my one & only trip there as a 20 year old with a group of about 15 workmates, & my then boyfriend, we skied everyday but obviously I spent a lot of time “keeping warm” because when I came home I was pregnant with my first baby!! It’s such a beautiful & magical place (all the heart eye emojis!!!)

  2. Judy Ashby says

    Your photos are amazing!

    I’m hoping to plan a trip to the snow next winter (after COVID ruined everything this year) . The accomodation looks great, is this available for general public to book or is it a privately arranged thing?

    • Our friend is a member and the one way we got a chance was because of lockdown. I think otherwise its a membership thing only unfortunately x

  3. For years my 2 girlfriends would head to NSW to the snow for holidays and myself and my girlfriend would head to the beach. When I was 38 and living in Melbourne we went to the snow and I learnt to ski at Mt Baw Baw for the first time. Most fun and laughs ever and then we would go every few weekends getting up at 4am to leave Melbourne [getting up in the dark and cold for a long drive was never fun] but once you got there you were so glad you were there. Ski holidays are so expensive so I’m so glad I’ve done it before. We’ve been to Mt Buller a few times and my then 3 year old learnt to ski in a few days…OMG it’s so amazing. I was watching him on the slopes on the last day and someone fell over in front of him and I thought oh no, he’s going to stack it but just went around the fallen skier. It’s amazing what the little ones learn in ski school. Beautiful photos and beautiful memories for your family.

  4. What a magical time!

  5. Those photos are magic! We had a few snow holidays with a girlfriend and our kids, yes it’s expensive, and exhausting! I was never a great skier. We got to the stage , our kids were teenagers off on their own, my girlfriend and I would do one run, one coffee; repeat 😂. So many laughs to be had.
    My favourite recipe of yours is Tight Pants Pasta! Must be time to make it again!

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