Autumn is here

It’s the 10th March and the trees are starting to turn in the garden. While it’s still hot and humid most days, the occasional cool morning comes through with the promise of Autumn on the dew on the grass. You can see the light start to soften as it gets a little shorter each day. The roses are still blooming, the apple tree heavy with fruit for the birds and our kitchen and the acorns are on the oak trees.

I love this time of year so much but I can’t help but feel a touch of angst as we remember this time last year when the world all came to a stop. It seems like a lifetime ago now doesn’t it? And yet like it was last month. Time is such a weird thing.

We had a visit from my {step} Mother in law from the farm who left our dog with us for a few days as she went away for the weekend. It had been 2 years since she had been down and the first without Rob’s dad. Always bittersweet to have the firsts, still all this time on. Her dog is the sweetest rescue dog, who actually rescued her in turn and is completely adored by all the girls. It was so lovely having him come stay.

Work has been busy as we settle into our new office and I get into the routine of heading into “work” each day for the first time in over 12 years. So weird to be back into that routine and have some separation between home and work. The housework seems to have gone to shit along the way, but worth every moment as I feel like I can focus on both things in a better and separate way. I’m sure in a few more weeks it will feel like a second home and be into the rhythm of it all…just in time for the school holidays to be here of course!

Maggie got a fringe last week and seems to have grown up 6 years in the process. How do we stop this growing up business? I can’t believe that the Easter break is just around the corner too. Do you feel like that too?

And no one panic, Rob finally restrung the hills hoist that I asked him to do 6 months ago. I can now hang washing with new found gusto. That’s when I get the time to do it. Autumn always has such great washing conditions. He also took me out to dinner on the weekend which was the first time in SUCH a long time I can’t even remember when the last time was. I want to say pre-pandemic…he would disagree but I’m pretty sure it was lunch just before we went into lockdown in March last year.

Anyway, that’s enough about me. I feel like I haven’t heard from you in ages.
What’s been happening?
Any signs of autumn at your place?
Tell me everything x



  1. I was just looking for something to read over lunch and your post popped up on fb! Yay!
    Autumn in Brisbane isn’t really a thing like it is down south, but we are looking forward to cooler days that’s for sure! Am currently eating a big steak with lots of greens to try and get my iron back up – I’ve been tired for months and that’s why! Get your iron checked regularly ladies! Thanks for the catch up 🙂

  2. Nothing interesting report from here.
    Autumn is starting to appear here too and I am so happy. I love autumn.
    I’ve filled the wood shed and hubby has cleaned the flue on the heater so I can relax now, I always feel anxious until those jobs are done.
    I know I’m ready for the seasonal change when I look in my wardrobe to get dressed and I don’t want to put those clothes on any more, I’m ready to wear the warm winter stuff and I’m so excited for scarves again.
    Cheers Kate

  3. Your office looks beautiful – congratulations on the move. A new routine will be established before you know it!

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