Harper turned 11!

Did you know Harper has every single one of her birthdays here in Burrawang? All 11 of them! That’s something isn’t it?

This sweet little peach head who brings us all SO much joy and love turned 11 this week. ELEVEN. It was much like all her other birthdays here, we woke in the morning, opened some presents, had pancakes for brekkie and then headed off to school.

The day before Rob and I had organised a little bedroom makeover getting rid of her bunk beds (PRAISE BE, it’s been 8 years you guys) and getting her a new bed. She was SO thrilled with it, feeling very grown up and happy with herself, bless her.

And in the afternoon she had some friends from school come over for a few hours running around, opening pressies (rollerskates hello!) playing board games, listening to music and eating pizza. She was beaming, just having the best birthday and isn’t that all you could wish for? Grandparents, cousins, aunties and uncles passed in too, that open door and table seeing another year of birthdays.

I know how much things are going to change in the next few years. That happiness and innocence will soon be replaced with cynicism and embarrassment and a lack of self confidence for a while until she settles back into herself. There will be changes with highschool and friends, a huge change as she leaves the nest of the our village. She’ll be ready for it all of course she will be, our most determined, stubborn child who will truly change the world in some way, I just know it. Her thoughtfulness, her empathy and kindness, her ability to read people and situations, show love and bring happiness and joy wherever she goes will stay the same throughout her whole life, I just know it.

Happy Birthday sweet girl, how we all love and adore you and wish you every single happiness over the next year, your final year of primary school.


  1. Happy birthday Harper and happy birthing day to you Beth.
    Cheers Kate

  2. Happy birthday Harper! So glad she had such a wonderful day.

    How about the photo with Daisy on her third birthday, could so easily be Maggie!

  3. I started reading your blog when my oldest was born…11years ago. It is still such a joy to read – a bit like a letter you used to get in the mailbox! Thank you for sharing your family life with all of us, real life – it’s always validation of the real-ness and importance of the mundane and the beauty of the small everyday moments – like washing day!

  4. What a fabulous birthday it was for Harper and may she have many happy returns. She sure is lucky to have had all her birthdays in your beautiful home! And congratulations to you and Rob for doing such a great job of parenting all your girls. The MacDonalds sure know how to party and make good cake! 🎈 🥳 🎂

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