Add to Cart is now 2 years old!

We are two! Hooray!!

I am so happy and proud that today our little shop that could ADD TO CART is two years old!

I remember all the hard work that came into getting things online and started for the first time – the sheer anxiety and sick feeling we had in those final days and then of course the feeling when we hit GO for the very first time and we started to hear the ch-chings come in. I will NEVER forget that first night ever. The laughing, the terror – oh how that describes the first few years of running your own business!

And hasn’t it been one HELL of a year for us? From this time last year having to evacuate our homes (and business) from the bush fires a few times, then to death of my father in law, back to more bush fires, then floods and storms, and of course a global pandemic, juggling work and home schooling…we have seen it ALL.

We have hit each new challenge and adapted and worked bloody hard along the way. Anyone who works in retail will know how many boxes get unpacked, the cardboard! The counting, the lifting, the packing, the trips to the post office, the tip. There’s been marketing, constant social media, orders in and customer service. I am so proud of the happy and returning customers we have and all the wonderful messages we receive about our customer service. That’s us, just us and we are doing a great job.

Special thanks to all of our business mentors, friends and family of course, who constantly support us. It’s been tough not being able to see many friends outside of our small bubble, but we hear and feel all your support and love – and we can only apologise (not sorry) that you only now get all your presents from our shop! Rob especially who keeps things running on the Homefront and especially doing lockdown when he did ALL homeschooling as we were so busy. It’s been a lot for you, and I couldn’t do any of it without you.

We get the chance to work with so many amazing businesses (and women who are usually in charge of them) every single day. They are creative and smart and passionate and clever and I love that we can find those women and share them with you all. I am so proud of the once small range that grows and grows and GROWS into what it is today. I can’t wait to see what the next year will have in store for us all. To all our business buddies and suppliers who we love, good bloody job. We love you! Our customers love what you do! We are doing this, look at us.

And as for my partner in crime, my beautiful little sister, well I couldn’t do ANY of it without her. We are such a good team! We laugh (and get cranky) with each other. We work out arses off, every single day…including weekends. Lucy has stepped up for me time and time again this year as I have had to take time off to be Rob’s family at the drop of a hat and then again this year every holidays. She rolls her eyes when I tell her I am going away, but she gets on with it and keeps things humming along. I would be lost without her. Thank you Lucy for everything. EVERYTHING. I know how much you do, I see it all, thank you.

The fact that we have a successful business, growing each week with happy customers, we are creative and we are making our living from it from something WE made and WE have control over, makes me extraordinarily proud. We used to play shops and dolls when we were little and now we do it in real life. This past year has been a shocker as so many of us know with home schooling, and pandemics and worries (and still plenty of that to go) but here we are, still doing it. And doing it well. She is my rock and my best friend, she makes me laugh, she makes me proud and there is NO ONE else I would rather do this with. No one! I love you x

And as for the next year…well 2020 has proven that none of us can ever hope or wish or plan for anything much! We can only keep taking leaps, and hoping the net will appear (it usually always does). I bound out of bed at 5.15am every day and that’s because I love what I do and am passionate about the success of our business. It drives me, it is a creative outlet for me, it exhausts and feeds me at the same time. I just bloody love it.

So thank YOU, for putting up with ALLLLLL my constant stories about things to buy (and thanks for at least just muting me). For supporting me with your orders. We love that we have been a place that you can come to and rely on in 2020 when it’s been such a shit if a year to send presents and notes to people that YOU love. Your messages of love, support and kindness you get us write in cards to your people makes us know that you are OUR people. You are good people, so thanks for being there for us.

I said last week in stories about how shopping with small businesses really isn’t just a meme about someone doing a happy dance. It makes REAL impacts and differences to lives and family. As we have pretty much had all of our work for Rob and I disappear in the pandemic (blogging, marketing spend of any kind) this place has kept actual food on our tables. We have been able to keep businesses orders coming through, we have helped so many people (and by people KNOW that they are wonderful female led, family run businesses all around Australia) help their families too. So thank you, keep shopping small, keep supporting small businesses this coming year who have struggled so much in all this uncertainty. Thank you for choosing us, truly.

And so, cheers! Thank you! Truly, from the bottom of our weary, happy hearts.

And as a thank you we are offering FREE SHIPPING today until midnight (AEST 21/10/20) just enter code TWOGOOD and we are also giving away someone’s order for free!  AND we have a giveaway for a bag worth $300 (find that over on my Babymac Instagram). Um hello! Not bad!

You can start shopping here.

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  1. Return customer here girls…love your store so much!!! I will keep coming back time and time again ❤️ Fabulous range and out of this world customer service and lightening fast postage (🤯 I don’t know how you do it!!!)

    Congratulations on another year!

  2. I would love to support your shop from over in the U.S. You have such lovely linens. Do you ship overseas? I couldn’t tell from the website. Thanks!

  3. Well done to you both and Happy 2nd Birthday. You guys have done an amazing job. Here’s cheers to many more years to come. xx

  4. Linda Jenkins says

    Congratulations on 2 years ! I have truly loved receiving my orders and the goodies inside.
    Keep up the great work together.

  5. You guys are legends! Love the shop and love seeing all the new stock you have. Congrats on your 2 year anniversary x

  6. OMG 2 years already? That’s gone so fast! Congratulations ladies!

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