Monday Meal Ideas: Mid week winners

Jeepers Monday comes around fast doesn’t it? One minute it’s Friday arvo and you are excited and pumped about some time off, then Saturday comes around filled with sport and running around, some work and then it’s Sunday and you get a day to relax all before it’s Sunday night all of a sudden and it’s time to do the whole thing again.

We are suffering with a terrible case of the Kinder blues at the moment, so when the tears about School going back start on a Sunday arvo, well I am less than pumped about what is coming later this morning. So let’s just play a straight bat on the food this week – food that will be enjoyed and is easy and enjoyable to cook. Here are some of what will make out table this week: either for lunch for either Rob, Lucy and I or dinners for the girls.

Corn fritters
Roasted pumpkin with fennel and chilli
Tortellini New York
Crustless quiche

How is your week ahead looking? We have sunshine ahead and hopefully the awful winds that have been blowing die down a little. Freezing mornings as we creep/limp towards Spring. Can you get your head around the fact that it’s coming next week? Me either. Hoping it gives me some motivation to start walking again – my legs and head are missing it.

Hope you have a good week friends, stay warm, safe and sane x


  1. Sending you some love for these posts. They might not attract comments very often but I’m sure I’m one of many who appreciate them and frequently use your delicious and easy recipes 💕

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