June long weekend at the farm

We left home 5am Friday morning to hightail it up the highway to spend the long weekend at the farm. We have been DESPERATE to get back and see Rob’s Step mum who has pretty much been in isolation due to corona restrictions since Alan died so the fact that our annual ball was cancelled came at a good time for us to sneak away. It was minus 3 when we left in the dark and after a great run we arrived 11am Friday so had an extra day to soak up all the beauty that there is on offer there in the winter.

Our last visit over New Years was quite traumatic and sad for us all, being there when Alan died, then organising his funeral. The girls have been worried about Sue on her own, and I was so keen for us all to go and make some new memories that weren’t filled with as much sadness as before. For so many years this has been such a happy place for our whole family, and I wanted the girls to be reminded of that.

It wasn’t hard. They were reunited with their beloved Sue, the sun was shining and warm on our backs. We took adventures, picked tomatoes, rode on the back of the truck, sat by the river, explored fairy dens, had bonfires, sat under the wisteria and chatted about Alan who we missed, sat by the fire and snuggled and laughed and cried a little. Well, maybe that was just me.

He wasn’t there, and he was everywhere. There is a huge hole where we used to be, but because he took up such a large part of life when he was here, he is there in so many memories. His songs, his artwork, his chair, he is still there at every corner, as he will always be for all the years to come.

Our heavy hearts were filled to the brim with happiness and good times. Just the sheer act of being away from home, together, in these strange times was enough to heal so much. We cannot wait to get back up there soon in the school holidays and get some more slow, healing times together. It did us all the world of good.

Hope you had a good long weekend…what did you get up to?



  1. Beth, beautiful pictures, as always. What are those green globe-type things in the nest-to-last picture? They look so familiar.

    What a peaceful place. I’m glad you were able to get away. Australia and NZ have done so well containing the virus. You will be back to normal so much sooner than we here in the US.

  2. Thanks so much Beth for your generous and loving sharing of the weekend away,,,so important that everyone got together in the very special place…photography is just stunning. Hope the July hols are just as awesome. Much love, Denyse xx

  3. Oh Beth these photos are so beautiful! What a special spot. So glad you had a nice weekend together.

  4. Lovely Beth…what a beautiful place to be together as a family. x

  5. Renae Foottit says

    Such a beautiful post and gorgeous photos.
    The weekend just gone, I went up to the Sunshine Coast and spread some of my husband’s ashes at the beach where we used to launch his sailing boat. It has been 2.5 years since he died and he is still everywhere. Especially as I watch my young kids grow before my eyes and see his mannerisms in them.
    What lovely new memories you are creating with your family. I wish you well ❤

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