Easter 2020

This was the strangest Easter I can ever remember: being stuck at home in isolation, not seeing any friends or family, no Easter markets and no visitors in our home. With everything being different I was determined to stick to the norm as much as I could, lots of decorations, lots of good food and cooking and lots of down time. I keep thinking of that saying during this strange time “remember when you wanted what you currently have?” I always think if only I had more time, if only we had a holiday that was just our family? Well we got all that, and it was alright by me.

Lots of home cooking, a little experimenting with new things, lots of time outside, a little in by the fire. It was lonely, but it was great and I feel very lucky that we have to be in isolation, we get to be here.


  1. Such a different weekend to your normal Easter that is for sure!!! Looks like a great weekend anyway. Well done! That fire sure does look good – I’m so jealous!!!

  2. Love your photos Beth. It was strange indeed for us too, but we stuck to normal traditions like an Easter egg hunt and watching an Easter movie on Sat night. Your home is always a comfort to strangers worldwide. Love your decorations too. Xx

  3. There was something in these photos that I could not put my finger on, something that seemed so familiar – then I realised I have the same coffee machine 😄

  4. Kat Smitheram says

    The photo of the chorizo and eggs makes my mouth water! I’d love a recipe for that one.

  5. It all looks beautiful – love your cooking and your garden and your photography is always stunning.

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