Monday (on a Tues) Meal ideas: mid week dinners

Good morning! I didn’t mean to confuse you like this…but we were away yesterday morning and when we got home we had no power, no phone reception, no nothing so I couldn’t get anything out to you guys. We had the BEST weekend (more details to come on that this week) but as we head back into a new week I thought I would share some mid week meal planing inspo with meals that you can add meat into (or not). We have been trying hard to re-focus on getting LOTS more veggies into us all (and everyone has been getting on board with it) so I thought that these are dinners you can cook where you could replace the meat with HEAPS of veggies, dial it up or down as you see fit.

Spinach & ricotta cannelloni
Oven baked risotto
Pork & chive dumplings
Pot pies

Hope that you can make something for dinner without too much effort that gets eaten. After having no power you take for granted how many things you can do with it (like cooking!). Hope that you guys are ready to tackle another week – I am off to the dentist today for some emergency tooth work (that bastard of a tooth I have spent so much time and money and root canal on broke on the weekend so I need to get it fixed. I see a crown in my future and I am not happy about it!) Hope you all have a better Tuesday than that!

Have a good one friends x


  1. Fiona Sherwood says

    Slightly off point but your sunshine rice has been the biggest hit with my fussy 7 year old! (And a few of his friends!!!) Beyond thrilled 🙌🏻

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