Monday Meal Ideas: Wrap it up!

Good morning friends, how are you? Hope you all has a good weekend? I personally would have liked one extra day thrown in there for good measure…I was just getting used to it and then it was over. That bloody Monday morning sure comes around fast…

This week I will be throwing together some family classics for dinner that involve bread or wraps. I swear something magical happens with kids and wraps and dinner – everything always gets eaten. I don’t know if it’s the construction they can do themselves – the help yourself from the middle of the table, whatever it is I always have a dinner one night of the week like this because I can be assured all will be eaten – even all the cut up veggies and salad. Here are some ideas for the week ahead:

Slow cooked pork shoulder with salsa
Chicken kebabs
Fish sliders
Lamb & cucumber salad wraps

How is your week ahead looking friends? We are flat out in the shop with new stock arriving and LOTS of orders going out (thanks so much for loving all the new ranges as much as we do). Lucy and I are headed to Sydney one the weekend for Life In Style for more shopping – and this week we will be into school routines, running around with the kids and everything in between. Whatever it is you are doing – I hope it’s a good week for you x


  1. good ideas thanks beth!
    a good way to fancy up left overs!
    camouflage!!! lolmxx

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