Maggie started SCHOOL!

Last Wednesday the big day came and little Maggie who I swear was just born, popped on her school uniform, pulled up those sweet little cotton socks and off she went on her way. She was pretty low key about it.

All those mentions of the big day coming, well it was finally here. And surprisingly there wasn’t one tear from her. Me? Well of course I had a bad case of grief throat and found myself sobbing into the kitchen sink before we left, but once I got there I was ok. Not one tear!

Strangely the timing wasn’t great as we had Rob’s Dad’s funeral in Sydney on the following day so while we got dressed and headed off, I picked both girls up an hour into school and we headed up to Sydney and missed Friday as well.

So this week was the real taste of what we have. We are on day 4 and she is EXHAUSTED. This morning she just wanted to stay and play with her toys, I get it too, it’s such a big change for little ones. All that best behaviour. All those new people. All the new routines and concentrating, it’s HUGE for little ones and it’s all coming back to me now this school business.

The afternoons are always FULL on as we rollercoaster through the emotions of it all: elation as they see you, HUNGER as they realise they really really need to eat. All the trips to the toilet (so many poos as they haven’t done them through the day), more food, tantrums, baths at 4pm, dinner at 4.45 and collapsing into bed around 6 only to wake at 5.30am to go through it all again. This morning there was talk about not wanting to go and how long again till it’s the weekend…oh it’s going to be a long term.

I’ve shut down anything except the bare necessary and minimum: straight home and follow this routine with early dinner and low expectations on anything. Lots of rest and LOTS of play: she’s entirely disinterested in her readers or any kind of work outside of school and I reckon that’s OK by me. Lots of other people suggested on Instagram that picnics in the bath are also a great idea, I might just start that one next week!

I’m going to make home as low key and low pressure as they come, not just for Maggie, for the first few weeks as we all find out feet again.

Yesterday we met with her teacher about where she is at – her best start test and all that and we said, yet again, how low our expectations were. We want her to want to come to school, be happy when she gets home and be happy to do it again the next day. We want her to get used to this huge routine and we know that the rest will come…just like her sisters.

I truly can’t get my head around the fact that we are actually here and she has started school, and that all three girls are at school. While I have been working this week, and then had Dottie for a day so it hasn’t been the normal kind of week I will be used to, it’s very quiet and there’s lots of chances for me to really focus on work, or even getting exercise in daily. It’s exciting and lonely all in one. It’s the end of an era for me for the past 13 years (except for the 1.5 terms before Maggie was born when Harper was in Kindergarten). I am so proud of how well this little lady is doing and I cannot wait to see the person she will turn out to be. Funny, smart, kind and hopefully not so tired.

Have you had a little one start school?
How are they going?
How are YOU going?

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  1. Both mine are already at school but I’m the kindy teacher and in charge of taking care of 19 little people this year and I forget every year how hard the start of the year is. I’m so bloody exhausted, I don’t know how the 4/5 year olds are managing it! In a few weeks, we will all be in the school groove I’m sure! Good luck!

  2. That poem 😉

  3. Our baby started school last Thursday. It’s been the longest week on record. 22yrs of having babies at home and now the silence is deafening ( strange I know!!) it’s a massive change for them and also us as parents. We are just winging each day as it comes. Loads of love Beth. X

  4. Miss Mags drawing and ‘I am poem’ are EVERYTHING! Loving how super long Daisy’s legs are, and how cranky Rob looks. And really…who doesn’t want to be a hippo.
    She’s a gem that Maggie.
    Love to you all xx

  5. My daughter started this week. She’s enjoying it and hasn’t said she doesn’t want to go at all thankfully but like Maggie is exhausted! I think she’s as good as gold at school but we are seeing some, ahem, defiant behaviour in the afternoon at home which I think is a reaction to having to be good all day!

  6. It’s all the feelings isn’t it!
    My second oldest, who was my youngest for ten years, is in Ye ar 12!!!! I honestly can’t believe that after this year he will be done! But never fear, I have the little two in year 1 & 2 so I have still have yeeeeeesrs of first days of school ahead (I still sometimes can’t believe we went back & had two more kids!)
    My year 12-er is in his element. Most of the year dropped out over the holidays so they are left with 25 kids, classes of 5 or 6 students! If he doesn’t pass every subject we’ve got problems!
    The little two have handled things really well, especially because karate & acro went back this week too. But like you I keep my expectations low. If they don’t want to do homework we don’t. If they eat cereal for dinner because they hate what I’ve cooked who cares. After being a school mum for a bloody million years ( 14 to be exact) I know that it all works out ok in the end so easy does it.
    And seriously, Maggie’s little question & answers is so bloody cute & hilarious- I worry there’s a hair monster 😂

  7. Kindergarten starter here too. Thanks for the heads up about loaded smoothies and vitamins. Got started on both and have done early nights and baths. Gotta keep the crazy on as even keel as possible. For all of us! Take care, would love a mid term update!

  8. Beautiful post, beautiful Maggie, well done to everyone for getting through the first two weeks, especially in such difficult circumstance 🌸🍷

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