Daisy has started the most gorgeous thing with her best BEST BEST friend (Mum you have never had a friend like this you don’t understand!). You see, they go to different schools, but pretty much every afternoon, they get on the OLD SCHOOL telephone (like a home line, how novel!) and call each other up where they talk for sometimes hours. God only knows what they talk about, I hear lots of giggling and what seems to be listening to each other play games or instruments (?!) but they love it, and I must say, the fact that the home phone is being used, and there’s not much technology involved AND it usually involved speaking to an adult “Hello, it’s Daisy here, may I speak with..” the whole thing is adorable.


I remember that this time last year she was in a spin because her friends were all leaving to go to High School and she was desperately sad that she would be left without them but I said to her that she would make new friends. In FACT! This new best friend (who I would never understand how wonderful she is because I have never had one apparently) she didn’t even really know this time last year! You never know where your new next friend is.

When we moved down here I vowed to never turn down any invitation, for that very reason, you never knew who you were going to meet. I’ve been lucky to make some great friends down here, some for a season, some for a reason and others that I know will be with me till the end of time.

Friendships are funny things the older you get, I told the girls from Show and Tell a few months ago now that when their kids start School that their friendship circles will change and grow and they were all like, UH UH no you DITN’T, but I think it’s true! They do change and you do end up seeing school parents or whichever new circle you are in depending on the stage of life you are in.

I’m very lucky enough to be surrounded by many gorgeous friends: male and female who understand and love me for me, all my quirks and annoyances and are there for me, all the time. They show up. They lend a hand or an ear and always practical advice and love. I’ve had online friends, who have become some of my very best friends of all, who I would never have met otherwise thanks to my blog. I’ve had friends that have driven me mad with frustration, but on we go and I’ve had friends inexplicably leave me, without explanation that I think about a gazillion more times than I ever should, playing over situations and wondering what I did wrong, where it all went wrong? And who knows, sometimes they just do. Friends for reasons and seasons and all that. Sigh…

Friendships can give so much, and also take so much from us, and aren’t we richer for all of it?

I’ve loved seeing Daisy literally fall in love with her first “proper” friend. Someone who gets her and her quirks, who thinks she is wonderful, as Daisy does her, it’s a joy to see and I hope it’s the first of a lifetime of friendships and love throughout her lifetimes.

So here’s to friendships!

The ones that give more than they take.
The ones that never give up on us.
The ones that fill up your soul with happiness .
The ones that make us laugh like no other.
To the ones that have left us.
And to the ones that are yet to come.

Tell me about a friend who did something good for you this week.


  1. Im feeling sad today as when my 13 year old started a new school 5 years ago she met a friend that was also starting ( year 4). They have been the thickest of cahoots ever since , no dramas both a bit weird and quirky. Today was my daughters last day at school term and we are moving interstate. Shes being stoic but Im sad shes leaving her bestie.

  2. My friend Rach is doing good for me every day at the moment, even though she’s in New Zealand.

    She came for a quick visit to attend Oaks Day last month and we got to catch up, yay, and she brought me a bag of coffee pods, because they’re a bit of a luxury item at the moment.

    Every morning when I make my coffee, I think of her. ❤️❤️☕️☕️❤️❤️

  3. I’m feeling pretty over life at the moment, I’m deep in the trenches of parenting small children and work’s been tough this year. I’m so ready for Christmas holidays! Had a catch up with some friends and their kids this week, thought I put on a brave face but got a message from one of them later in the day saying I didn’t seem myself, was I okay, was there anything they could do? I was so thankful to her for reaching out. It doesn’t take much but it’s so nice when people care enough to ask if you are okay. That’s a true friend. I’m so glad to hear tween girls are still spending hours nattering on the home phone just as we did!

    • Oh Dot, this makes me sad. You are doing a great job you know that right? Work AND small children? It’s BULLSHIT. Man it’s hard. But make sure you look after yourself and let yourself be vulnerable to the people that love you, sometimes we need help and that’s OK too I reckon. I prescribe some time with some good music up REALLY loud with headphones on. It always helps for me. Good luck and be kind to yourself ok? I love your name x

  4. Over the last few weeks I have had friends make sure I had lifts to & from our highschool reunion, a friend pick me up to take me to a lunch with friends, a friend dropping off chocolate on my birthday & a gorgeous friend that is going through breast cancer treatment at the moment frequently gets in touch to make sure I am ok.
    I have old friends from highschool & one of those has been a friend since we were at preschool together, we are now 48 ! I also have a newer friend I met when I had a little boy in Kindy, we bonded over being the mums asked to chat to the teacher every afternoon about our wild boys, she has gone above & beyond the call of duty on more than one occasion when we were struggling with very difficult situations with kids. She has moved away now but we stay in contact & she has still come to my rescue when she saw I needed help.
    My daughter didn’t believe she would make new friends starting highschool until it happened & she actually uttered the words “you were right mum”
    True friends are an absolute blessing

  5. I recently returned from overseas and a friend organised to pick us up from the airport. We had been away for a month and I was so happy to see her smiling face when we came through customs! Not only was she waiting for us, she had an esky in the car with cold drinks, and had made dinner for us to take home. After a 25 hr flight, it was pure bliss.

  6. Love this. Friends are so super spesh – my bestie is right up there on my list with my husband! I had to share something I was a bit ashamed about with my best girlfriends this week, and they all came back with ‘thank you for being honest, no need for shame, we’re here for wine/food/chat/coffee/kid free space if you need it, love you’ beautiful messages that put me to tears and an extra special phone call from one saying she wouldn’t be a real friend if she didn’t call and check in. Bless them. And my über bestie offered to make me one of her freakin incredible Christmas Cakes that takes forever and has a million ingredients just because she is the best.

  7. There’s a beautiful photo on friendship on the ‘Love your Sister’ page today…

  8. Oh bless Daisy and her use of the landline! I remember those days so well (and chain letters, are they still a thing?). We all need at least one true friend. X

  9. This put a smile on my dial!

    Only last night I was having a group chat text session with all my Besties back in Australia. They are trying to organise a brunch before Christmas so that I can FaceTime in and be part of the action. We can each enjoy a Christmas drink (or three) and catch up and it will be just like one of our old annual girls weekends away.

  10. We had a couple move next door to us many years ago. They were from Scotland and only in Oz for two years. I new it was only for two years from the beginning but there was something about them and us and we clicked from day one. They have been back in Scotland for 7 years now and we kind of keep up on FB here and there but they visited this week for one whole day and it was pure bliss. Picked up right were we left off, like seven years was only yesterday.

    True friendship connections can be hard to find, especially as an adult but they are such a blessing when you do.

  11. Oh, friendship has been a big theme for me lately. I have had to emotionally cut ties from some friends for various reasons and it was really quite difficult. I knew that interaction with them was making me feel awful. If I couldn’t attend something with them I’d be tied up in knots. If I was there, I’d feel left out somehow. I couldn’t stand feeling like I was stuck in high school or a Real Housewives episode. Since I let go, I have explored so many other friendships and really appreciated those who have reached out in tough times and who I hope I’ve helped too. I thought my social life would end when I made those big changes, but I realise I made room in my life for so many other amazing people and events. I’ve had a rough year but I also feel blessed (yes I said it). One honourable mention goes to my friend A. She’s there for me every single day – we chat more with each other than we do anyone else (in the healthiest way). I know she’s got my back and I’ve got hers.

  12. I love that she calls her on the old school phone. I wish that my Dad had thought it was cute when I made phone calls all afternoon long to my friends heheh

  13. My oldest son who is 10 have a best friend a girl since the day he started with shool it’s so cool to see how they grow in toughts and the way they hanging out together…precious a adult lot changes …I’ve been hurt a lot in friendships…so I had a massive trust issue …but 5 years ago I met my friend we became best friends soulmates we live in different continents but we have daily contact and we are there for eachother all arround the clock and in good and bads …

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