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This time next week it will be Christmas Eve, and this morning instead of feeling overwhelmed about everything that has to happen I am choosing to feel excited about it, the magic of Christmas and how wonderful it’s going to be over the next week seeing all of my lovely family. I actually can’t wait.

It’s been BUSY though. My goodness the shop has been busy which is SO good, but we have literally packed and wrapped hundreds and hundred of orders over the past few weeks. It’s going to slow down soon I am sure, and then get very quiet and I am determined not to get itchy feet and enjoy the break before things ramp back up again. I am so proud of Lucy and I and how hard we have worked and how many happy customers we have out there. I can’t wait to see what the new year brings for us.

My self care routine has consisted on gin, getting into my nightie as quickly and as often as I can, and looking at the Christmas tree and bad Christmas movies. It’s as good as it’s getting around here.

Everyone is frazzled.

I have been putting Maggie in the bath as often as I can (and recycling the water into the dead garden after). God this summer is depressing isn’t it? Is it actually ever going to rain again? Or even have clear blue skies? It’s such a worry.

I got my hands on a friend’s newborn baby girl last week too which is the best kind of self care you can get your hands on I reckon. That sweet, sweet smell, the milk drunk look, the tininess of them. I don’t want another but my GOD I do love a baby.

Maggie and Archie finished Preschool on Friday and it was a little bit emosh if I am honest. Maggie has grown ups so much this year – I can only imagine how much she will do the same over the next year. Look at this compare and contrast between the first and last day of the year…

They are like little giraffes! And look at our depressing brown grass everywhere! It’s the end of an era for us as a family too as we will never venture into this wonderful little preschool again. All three of our girls went here, I had Facebook remind me of Daisy’s last day of Preschool yesterday and it honestly doesn’t feel like that long ago. I cannot believe how grown up she is now, it all goes too fast, truly. Soak up your little ones if you have them this Christmas, I know I am soaking up all the magic from our little ones while we can.

Maggie and Daisy are identical twins too, I know.

Archie is 5 today! Lucy and Chris had a party for him on Sunday afternoon (Ghostbusters of course) it was a lovely afternoon celebrating this sweet boy.

Saturday we went to a preview screening of Jumanji 2 in the city which the big two were excited about – I love these movies so much and this one was fabulous – a must see for the holidays. I wore this new jumpsuit (I’m in a size 3) that I bought a month or so ago…love it. 100% linen is perfect for this hot weather innit?

This coming Thursday night Lucy and I are doing a pop up shop at our local pub, The Burrawang Hotel (from 5pm-8pm) so come along if you are a local to grab a last minute gift! Hope to see you even if it’s just with a glass of bubbles to enjoy.

So friends, be kind to yourself and try and take a step back from the manic and madness that is the last week before Christmas and try and see the bigger picture: the magic of Christmas through the eyes of your little ones, the time spent with people you love, the break from work and change of pace, the hard work you have put in throughout the year, the things you all have achieved, that’s what matters. Truly.

Hope you all have a good day, whatever it is you are getting up to. Stay cool, stay safe in these awful fire (Rob is off fighting again today on another 12 hour shift), we have a year 6 graduation dinner we will be at (the whole school attends in a small school and it’s one of my favourite nights of the year), Daisy is off to see a movie with my Mum, and we will hopefully catch up with the birthday boy too. Yep, it’s busy, but so good.


  1. Thank you Beth for taking the time out of such a hectic schedule to keep us updated with your gorgeous blog – much appreciated. Love everything you post.
    Enjoy your Christmas xo

  2. I too have decided to embrace the busy, the crazy, the magic & the excitement. No more focusing on what still needs to be done because it’ll all be over in the blink of an eye &
    I don’t want to miss any of it!

  3. What a bumper year for the MacFamily – huzzah for all!

    That day one/last day photo comparison is crazy. SO grown up, both of them.

    Three working days to go for me… I can do this. Then three weeks of lovely holidays.

  4. Such a busy year for you and so much to be proud of. Maggie is growing like a weed – I simply cannot believe she’s not a baby anymore 😂 And she’s just as gorgeous and bright as ever. Thanks for making me smile, laugh and cry through another year. Best wishes to you and yours for the holidays 🎄

  5. So many big things happening. Mags looks ready to move onto the next big thing! I hope Rob is safe and hydrated; there is a big fire outside of Bundy at the moment and the smell of smoke in the air, even though it isn’t actually close by, just makes me fret. Good news about your prossie being back in stock!

  6. Denyse Whelan says

    What a great catch up! Glad to know how well the biz is going & as for kids growing up… I know! Let’s hope rain arrives as forecast next week. Thanks Rob & all firies. D xx

  7. Thanks for sharing this round up. Don’t they grow up so fast once they hit school?
    Great to hear the shop is going so well for you.
    Cheers Kate

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