The third Wednesday in October

The house has been quieter this week after the mayhem of when we got home last week. We arrived back to a green village and garden, everything seemed to have burst into life in the 10 days we were gone. Seeing green on the trees and on the lawn again after months of yellow and brown is such a delight for the eyes. All that new life, the hope that and wonder how things can change.

Just juicy green leaves without any blackspot in sight. There’s nothing like the first flush from new spring roses.

The girls all got sick one, after the other, from Wednesday until Sunday last week – one of those awful vom bugs that make you feel awful. And the crank as one went down after the other – the blame – the tears and fear especially from the vom phobic one, man it was not the welcome home I was hoping for. Better it happened at home and not when we were away though.

Daisy is off at camp this week – at her high school in the first week of the HSC the entire school exit off to camp so its quiet for the kids that are doing their exams. Man, I still remember the angst of those exams and I am a little scared for how quick I know it will be before we get there. If year 7 is anything to do by the years are just going to FLY by. It’s been so strange without her – the dynamic changes so much when you take out a kid doesn’t it? There’s been less fights and crank mostly because the two that usually don’t spend much time together are spending time together. It’s been really lovely, but every day, several times a day, one of us has been saying how much we miss her. I wonder wonder wonder about her so many times a day. No contact and no idea until we pick her up Friday afternoon. I bet she is having the time of her life.

Rob is also away for work this week in Japan for MJ Bale which is so exciting for him. He is so widely travelled but had never been there before so I am so excited for him. Can’t wait to see and hear all about it. I was excited at the prospect of watching bad TV on the couch whole scrolling my phone and not having to speak to anyone but all I have been doing is going to bed at 8.15 instead. And I miss him and his piles of clothes everywhere. This family just isn’t the same when one of us isn’t here. Got me thinking about how this crazy time in our lives filled with school, and activities and busy, pulsing LIFE won’t always be like this and it’s made me appreciate it.

Lucy and I are busy prepping for our first ever Add to Cart Pop Up shop that is happening this weekend in Mudgee. This is something we have never done before so we are excited/nervous/have no clue etc but you know what? That’s pretty much how we have done everything in this business since we started and it’s turned out OK. Can’t wait for the road trip on Friday, listening to music and chatting all the way and then 2 nights with some mates and then catching up with some great chicks at the event (and hopefully selling some gorgeous stuff too). I think there are a few tickets left if you are nearby and want to come to a great event.

And you know what it is on Monday? It’s the first birthday for Add to Cart. Can’t believe it has been a year! So proud of all we have achieved over the past year, what a learning curve. We’ll be sure to celebrate with some exciting things (once I figure out what those are).

This morning Maggie is back to care for the first time in what seems like weeks and weeks, she is a little nervous and excited and I am thrilled that I can do something by myself – even if it’s just go for a walk or grab a coffee or get some work done. It’s always so sweet that first few back isn’t it? I don’t want to talk about it, but she has her first school orientation next week. I know.

I hope whatever you have planned for Wednesday is good. It’s a little misty here with some rain forecast. My washing baskets are FINALLY empty after the vom bug and being away, they will stay that way until Daisy and Rob get back home and then I will be chasing my tail again. How are there so many clothes that need washing. HOW?

Have a great day friends, grab a quiet moment to yourself, give some thanks for something small in your life like the new buds around, a quiet house, an empty washing basket, a win in business. You are doing a really great job, you are x


  1. I recommend that you call into Blackheath on your way through to Mudgee. Great little town, lovely coffee and great cafes. I happen to also live there…. xx

  2. Fiona O'Connor says

    Happy Birthday Add To Cart. Enjoy the silence and freedom of today, it will fly by! Good Luck this weekend

  3. I love your pep talks Beth!

    “You are doing a really great job, you are.”

    I could be stuffing up big time- but it’s nice to hear it just the same!

    I love the first drippy lush part of spring too- it’s like the world is just oozing potential! Sarah x

  4. Great post Beth. The landscapers ate currently digging up our garden and I am SO PUMPED. It’s my first grown up garden and I’m delirious with plant choices. I want to plant everything!

    Lovely to have a different dynamic in the house even when it means missing loved ones. Sure the mountain of laundry upon their return will put it into perspective! Ughhhhh!

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