Queenstown Adventure: Day 8

Today was our last full day in Queenstown so we decided to take a wander through town and catch the old steam boat over to Walter Peak Station for a farm tour, talk about family wholesomeness! We had seen the boat go past our house every day so it was exciting for the girls to be on the boat and the beautiful Lake Wakatipu.

This boat is a old beauty – with the smell of coal and steam it’s a piece of history as you head over the lake. It’s touristy for sure, but so beautiful and worth it for sure – perfect for kids.

The farm tour at the other end was lovely – the girls loved seeing a sheep being sheared and while most of the animals we looked at we can see 2 minutes from home, the scenery is stunning and it’s gorgeous just to be out in it. Not to mention the delicious afternoon tea we gobbled up afterwards!

It was a beer for Rob and I after all that fun, some chips for the girls as we watched people sit around the piano singing songs together – what a lovely afternoon!

When we arrived back into town Daisy and Rob went shopping and wandering together while I took the two little ones to the park at the end of the wharf – an absolute kids paradise! One of the best kids parks I have ever been to and Maggie absolutely LOVED the slides where she wore herself out well and truly. There’s trees to climb, creeks to hang over, slides and swings galore (and better still a cute little cafe next door you can sit in while your kids are at the park).

Mags was absolutely exhausted by the end of it and there was a ferocious wind blowing so we decided on a very early dinner before heading home. Like a hawk earlier in the week I had spotted Sal’s authentic NY pizza so convinced everyone this is what we needed for dinner because you guys KNOW how I feel about NY pizza. It was VERY good – best I have had outside of New York and I was a VERY Happy girl with a slice or two in my guts. Complete with paper plates and chilli flakes you guys. Well played New Zealand, well played.

We are now home for an early night (hopefully for Maggie) who has been going to bed after 9-9.30pm every night and then pack up in the morning for an afternoon flight. What a trip we have had – the very best family holiday I can ever remember us having together. Something truly for everybody – nature, wineries, adventure and fun for the big ones and plenty of animals and ducks and parks for the little one. I will never forget these days we have had together – pure heaven. I can’t recommend NZ more for family holidays – the food, the wine, the scenery just pure heaven.

Now to plan the North Island…


  1. Sitting in a rather dodgy airport motel in Christchurch about to fly home to Melbs at 6am 🤦🏼‍♀️ In the morning after 2 magnificent weeks in an RV travelling around the South Island with our boys 15 and 12….totally blown away by the magnificence of NZ and all there is to see. From the ski fields in Cardrona, Mt Cook, Milford Sound, the Haast Pass, Queenstown – we’ll be back for sure, probs to do a little more relaxing next time and take a leaf out of your book! Safe home Beth 😊

  2. I am so glad you enjoyed Queenstown. I am a very lucky kiwi who lives in Sydney hut has a place in queenstown. Whenever I tell people to go on Ernie they think it it cheesy but you know what, everyone loves it. You clearly discovered all the good things to do – what a fab family holiday.

  3. I have adored these posts, what a stunning trip! Definitely adding the South Island to the list. Love a holiday that has something for everyone. And how good is the food over there!

  4. Contented sigh, what a wonderful holiday we’ve – I mean you’ve – had.

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