Monday Meal Ideas: Meatless (kind of) Monday inspo

As sure as the sun will rise and my kids will sleep in this morning as it is the first day back at school, at the start of October I will go for a “not a fat mole for Christmas” slash health kick for us all. Summer is looming, the weather is better and you just want to eat better and move more.

To help me on my way I will make sure we have a hit of veggies in our diet: that means more salads, less meat and as many leafy greens as I can whack into each meal. While these aren’t strictly meat free (its just a little bacon in there, what?) and can easily be turned into proper veggo. The beauty with any these kinds of recipes is you can add in or leave out whatever you like!

Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni
Tomato & onion vinegar salad
Crustless quiche
Fried eggplant

How is your week ahead looking? Daisy is off to camp for the whole week leaving this morning and back Friday afternoon. Rob is also in Japan for the week, Harps back to school and a little order restored with routine. While it seems half of us are missing, I think it’s going to be a good week. Sunny skies and hopefully the back of all the sickness since we got home (some has been vomiting every day since we have back). Onward!

Hope you all have a good week – if you have any HSC students…good luck! x

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