Monday meal ideas: Seriously good sides

Good morning and welcome to another week! It’s September if you can get your head around that…?! We had the most magnificent Spring weather arrive right on cue and while I know we are a long way off that yet it felt nice to be 18 degrees. Actually, if we could stay around that..maybe a max of 22 degrees for the summer I would be happy.

I thought this week I would share some of my favourite side dishes that get a run at our place and are always enjoyed. It’s almost time to start bringing the old salad and BBQ back which is such a great way off eating you can totally get away without carbs if you have a great salad and some tasty charred meat. But like I said. we are a long way off that yet.

Here are some to get you on your way if things have warmed up a bit where you are:

Tomato & onion Vinegar Salad
Glass Potatoes
Sunshine Rice
Potato Salad

How’s your week ahead looking? We have lots of sunshine forecast so there will be some significant washing going down. I need to get stuck into the garden, hoping the girls passports arrive which I have had to get extra things for 3 TIMES now. It’s going to be a pretty normal week, but with lots of sunshine so I will take it.

Hope you have a good one too friends x

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