Happy winter Farm Days

We’ve just had some magical days up at Rob’s Dad’s farm, always a treat to visit and stay at a different time of year when the light is different, the trees with their leaves gone, bonfires to burn, cool nights by the fire. It’s such special place for everyone in our family…years of memories collected like precious keepsakes with each visit…from the first when Rob and I were a new couple and helped them clear the land and eat dinner in the shed cooked by an electric frypan while the house was being built. Of course it’s where we had our wedding, made those vows 14 years ago in front of everyone most important to us. Where we found out we were pregnant with Daisy, where Harper was conceived, and since then so many wonderful memories for our family.

I love the rhythm of the farm days, there’s a routine that is adhered to from chores to morning tea, lunch on the verandah, time by the pool, quiet time snuck away on the couches in the sunshine reading, the squeals of pure delight from the girls as they stand in the back of the truck as their Grandfather drives too fast. Visits to the neighbours farm for morning tea, the crackle of the fire inside in the winter, the roar of a bonfire in a paddock, the sounds of too loud Rolling Stones over the yard too late in night, the declares of 99! from under the wisteria and the sound of the fridge door on the verandah being opened once too many times.

My heart is filled every time we visit, and this time no exception. Girls exploring, lots of time in the sunshine, walks and fires and beautiful time with their grandparents. So precious. Locked away in my heart forever. I know this is the simple stuff childhoods are made of, the kind things you yearn for as you grow up, it’s simple and I feel so lucky we have it.

I know we will continue to have more memories as the years pass on, there will be times when the girls no longer want, or can come, there will be people missing, but we always can draw on days like the ones we have had with warm hearts and know there will always be more, no matter how long between, or who is missing. Aren’t we lucky?


  1. Sounds and looks like you have had a wonderful break. Those memories will be worth gold.
    Thank you for sharing your joy with us
    Cheers Kate

  2. Special times you and the family will never forget! All these decades later I still treasure the memories of time spent at my grandparents farm. Enjoy

  3. This, over the fancy schmancy, this is the best of childhood.

    What a beautiful gift for your family to share it together.

  4. Absolutely beautiful Beth x

  5. When I was a child, we used to visit my parents friends at a place called Roto. It’s in the middle of nowhere and was an 8 hour drive. They had 3 children who were the same ages as my sister and I. We would go out exploring the hundreds of thousands of acres on motorbikes and cars with the roof cut off, all day long and mum and her best friend would drink wine and play cards back at the house. Even though we had many family holidays at many different places as children, these trips to Roto are the ones that are cemented in my memory and I will hold dear in my heart forever. Your girls will remember these visits to their grandparents farm for the rest of their lives and will look back on them with love. That’s pretty cool.

  6. A perfect family time away I say! And it looks absolutely fabulous, and full of the stuff that money can’t buy, and those are the things that we always treasure the most. xo

  7. Beautiful and what memories are made of! My parents have 5 acres not far from us that feels like it’s out in the country. It’s given them a great place to experience that wholesome outdoor goodness in nature during their childhood!

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