Monday meal ideas: baking biscuits or slices

It’s cold, we’re all tired and we still have some more of the school term to go so it’s time for me to get comfort baking for the girls. And me! I love to get some lunchbox baking done at the start of the week to have a big container full for lunchboxes or afternoon tea and of course a little pick me up for me with a cup of tea. It’s tough this term 2 business isn’t it? Bring on the holidays! Which comes for Daisy on Thursday this week! Until then, here are some of my favourite baking for biscuits and slices…don’t you love good slice? I am going to make a few this week…I have a hankering for the lemon coconut one my Mum used to make.

Monte Carlo biscuits
Jam drop biscuits
Apple crumble slice
Sultana cookies

How’s your week ahead looking? I am going to be digging deep to get Daisy to the finish line on Thursday afternoon, then we can relax a little, and then at the end of next week the other two will be finished and we have a few weeks of downtime. I love the winter school holidays – they really are the best for just doing NOTHING – and that’s what we have planned!

Hope you all have a great week ahead friends, stay warm and keep up the biscuit consumption, it helps when it’s this cold! x


  1. Ahhhh doing nothing….. if only!! My kids will be nagging me to get them out of the house by 8am on the first day of school holidays. They drive me BONKERS!

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