Full Maggie Update: 3 years, 10 months

With just next week to go in the school term I feel like we have finally got into the rhythm of the school week for Mags. It’s taken quite a lot of time, but over the past 2 weeks we have had little to no tears (plenty of hesitation) but she gets it, she goes and she enjoys herself.

What a term it’s been…full ON. This Mum needs a break that’s for sure.

When I look at the past few months I can see just how much Maggie has grown up. She is this BIG kid now. One that pops that back pack on and gets on with it despite wanting to stay home with Mum. She has put herself into strange and different places, meeting lots of new people and finding her own rhythm with it all. There’s still the occasional chat about what is going to happen the next day when there is daycare or preschool to go to (and the odd tear) but she has done so well. I’m so proud of her.

It’s made a huge difference to my working week being able to drop her off and now that I know she is ok, and will enjoy herself, a massive mental load off my head and heart. Those first weeks (ok, months) were truly heart wrenching and exhausting for us both. And that coffee post drop off in the car with the music up LOUD is a thing of beauty.

She has been loving her gymnastics this term – I love watching her class – listening to the teacher, waiting in line and doing all the things. And her fashion choices are next level. My fashion icon.

The one fashion item related thing that is DRIVING ME TO DESPAIR is the changing of her outfits. She has properly figured out how to get changed, she can reach and access all of her drawers and girlfriend likes to try on ll of the things, all of the time. Marie Kondo would lose her shit walking into her room at any given time because each and every item of clothing she owns is strewn across the floors, walls – wherever it is it has landed from where she throws it over her shoulder. I’m sure it’s about control and taking ownership over something but it’s just plain annoying. SO ANNOYING. It’s making me lose my mind, and actually recall in our family movies from when I was 4 I was doing the same thing. Huh.

When she is home, well she is HOME. Packs down (grabs that dummy, yes she still has one at night and sneaks in the day that I am not sure how she will EVER give up) and loves to be with her sisters or cousins. She’s a homebody like me and right now the balance between school stuff and home stuff is just about perfect for her. If she sneaks in a day time nap the bedtimes are so drawn out and painful, but most of the time she is out to it by 7pm or sooner and sleeping well in the night. We are very lucky.

There are school holidays coming up which we are all DESPERATE for, this little one especially as she can have a break from it all, the routine and order and then we will get to have re-entry issues all over again. From memory with both of the girls term 2 was just like the beginning all over again.

There’s a quarter of the year done already, somehow. She will be 4 next month, somehow. I know how fast the rest of the year is going to fly by so until then, I will relish our days together at home, and enjoy watching her spread her wings and fly at get happier and more confident at school too. Holding on, letting go, and knowing when to do both. It’s all such a juggle this motherhood thing.


  1. What gorgeous photos and a wonderful recap of the year so far.
    When we are in the trenches it seems like forever, but as you already know, all to soon you are looking back and wondering where the time went.

  2. Don’t worry Beth my daughter gave up her dummy the day before she turned 5 in her in accord. I had pictured her walking down the aisle with it! Maggie will know when the time is right.

    • Thanks for the reminder Sarah – I trust she will too and just don’t have a hang up about it. She is nailing everything else including no accidents at night so we are going with the flow….much like I have the entire time of her life!

  3. Don’t worry Beth my daughter gave up her summy the day before she turned 5 on her own accord. I had pictured her walking down the aisle with it! Maggie will know when the time is right.

  4. Dummy*

  5. Oh how gorgeous 🌟I can not believe dear Maggie is nearly 4, Sheeesh that’s gone fast!
    The dummy thing really isn’t an issue… I haven’t seen a teen with one in my travels so far🤪 it’ll be forgotten before you know it.
    Thankyou for these updates, I love being reminded just how precious all children are – even when they’ve grown way taller than me!

    • That’s what I keep thinking too – it’s all that’s left of her little self and if she still needs it, I am ok with it x

  6. 18 years and 7 months, my baby is a grown man, well not quite! I’m hanging on to the last one, the next one to leave…. he has started planning it and I’m sad for it, I can’t have him home forever. Hubby and I are planning our empty nest, the things we will do together, the quiet, the well, empty. I’m sad that soon his laugh will not be there in the background, his dirty dishes piling high, his help with all things phone and computer iT, I will miss him like crazy! These feelings last forever Beth! Can’t believe Maggie will be four soon!

    • I know from so many of my readers how hard it is…It makes me soak up and enjoy all we have now – even though it’s madness!

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