Full Maggie Update: 3 years, 2 months

These are dangerous times my friend, do not be fooled by this, because we are well and truly THREE and oh shit, I had forgotten all about 3.

Three is FULL ON. And before you tell me 4 is worse, just don’t. I have forgotten all about these ages which is odd seeing as I have done it twice before already. Each new day brings another tantrum with it, these holidays we have seen some of the worst that she has ever had. I’m sure it’s a brain developmental thing, if I was bothered to read a book it would be about testing boundaries in a safe place with people that you love and trust, but I will just call it for now: PASS THE GIN.

Despite the fact that’s it’s 2018, and I am almost 41, I am still pushing one of my offspring at the park. STILL. I had forgotten all about that too.

There are tantrums about which way the wind is blowing, someone breathing the wrong way, not being able to write and read because her sisters can, that kind of low key stuff. She’s SO cute though so I guess it makes up for it all and why people get fooled into having more kids.

She is NOT playing well with others, NOT sharing well and NOT doing a whole lot of stuff. Like I said, a stage, I don’t think she’s an arsehole, but shit, it’s exhausting.

We’re also at that stage where she has ‘kind of’ dropped her day sleep so when she does bedtime is a real fun time (not) but if she doesn’t it takes the strength, patience and energy of a saint to see her through to 6.30pm at night. It’s not pretty. She’s sleeping well at night (that said she has ended up in our bed too many times this holiday). She’s still guzzling milk and YES! Still has a dummy. I know it has to go, and soon (I see the looks from loved ones re: the dummy) but I also know that I have never seen a kid start school with a dummy.

She still refuses to do a number 2 on the toilet, who knows why, but I am so not bothered and so am riding this out too. Again, not seen this problem at school so why freak out about it now? God I wish I was this relaxed/not bovvered with my other two girls. I am tired though, this 41 age is certainly not 31 that’s for sure. I am FEELING the age gap.

It’s the dealing with BIG kid stuff and Daise is BIG these days (practically a woman) and then dealing with the toddler stuff, plus being peri menopausal, shit, it’s a bloody roulette as to what Rob will get when he walks in the door.

So right now, it’s tricky and tiring but it’s still the very best thing we ever did. That missing piece who makes us all a family, who makes us laugh (and cry) and reminds us all of the simple things in life whether it’s the dust fairies in the sunshine, the feeling of mushing food through your hands or a cuddle with someone that you love.

Thanks Mags x


  1. Domenica says

    I remember three. My twins nearly broke me at this age. Lucky she is so breathtakingly CUTE!

  2. My nephew started school with a dummy! He was a fourth child and my sister in law is such a super Mum in every other way but just didn’t care about this. Whatever works!

  3. Wow, where on earth has that time gone!! Welcome to the joys of the “threenager”

  4. As an ex child carer and mum to 4 grown kids, I say 3 is the hardest age.
    So look at you go, almost through it.
    I do feel for you having the age gap and peri menopause though, I think perimenopause is f&*%ing hard enough without pre- teen hormones and a toddler.
    cheers Kate

  5. I think there’s some kind of precise science to it. Like, there’s a law that no matter how bloody awful it can be dealing with a small child, their cuteness will always JUST override it enough to make it worth it haha. I am watching my almost 6 month old grow into a little PERSON (and not just a blob) and I am so stuck between being amazed and so proud, and freaking out about WHY IS TIME GOING BY SO FAST.

  6. Three is the worst. Terrible twos – I call BS. Three was a bloody roller coaster. Thank god you’re not doing dry July. May the force be with you sister.

  7. I started kindy when I was 4. Still had a dummy until my dad hid it behind his back, told me one hand had barbie car money, the other my dummy. OF COURSE I got the barbie car hand (nice move dad!)! I think the more kids you have you worry less & it can only be a good thing right?
    And let’s be honest, every damn age has a shit bit. 4 has a shit bit. 5 has a shit bit. 15 has a shit bit. 18 has a shit bit. Fuck, even 39 has a shit bit but thank god the good stuff outweighs it all!

  8. My son had a dummy , in fact many dummies until he was five. He is now 17 and dummy free with great teeth .

  9. as for maggie! … inspirational … i’m an individual, a genuine original!
    much love mx … gorgeous photos!

  10. Oh Beth, hang in there sister…. there is light at the end of that toddler tunnel. I was looking at some old photos last night and saw one of Clancy with a mouth full of teeth and a dummy! So don’t stress – I say if it brings peace, don’t upset things. When they can go to the toilet and wipe their own bum you know you have made it. I so feel your pain. Clancy just turned 7 which means, legally, we don’t even need the car seat anymore so I am DONE! He has even started opening gates!!! Hang in there – Lucky Mags is so cute.

  11. You nail it every time Beth.

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