Full Maggie Update: 2 years, 11 months

One month short of 3, Maggie is just plain adorable. Hilarious. Frustrated. Busy. Always running. Always playing. Non-stop person of gorgeousness.

If there’s one thing our little lady likes to do, that’s run. She runs everywhere. Her new favourite thing to do is running races up and down the backyard, over and over again, with very strict rules about how I must say “Ready, Setty, GO!” and then cheer her as she comes to an imaginary finish line. I think this is going to be a lifelong passion for her because she’s quite good at it (and her Dad was a very fast sprinter indeed). There’s hope yet Rob that someone takes after you!

She is THRILLED that Autumn has arrived at last, so she can also partake in her next favourite thing which is making me rake piles of leaves so she can jump in them. Boy does this girl love Autumn. Our biggest tree is very late to turn this year so fortunately we have another month or so to go while she does this.

The park is RIGHT up there too for passions in her life, with very strict rules about just how high she likes to go and just the right amount of push to swing ratio etc, etc, I get it wrong so often, and she lets me know.

It’s been a busy month with Easter and cousin visits, first trips to the movies, playing with Archie and more recently a couple of one on one days with Dorothy. The girl has a better social life than I do.

There’s a LOT of talk about her turning 3 soon and all the things that will come with that. Preschool will start (when I get around to getting those forms in WHY am I so slack?) and apparently she will sort out that number 2 situ on the toilet AND give up her dummy. I doubt any of it will happen as she throws away that “oh I will do that when I am fwee Mummy” ALL the time, but at least we have some goals to work towards. She is still SO little, fiery, but little.

We tried a few weeks back to give that dummy up and boy did that not go well. We’ll try again soon, and one day she will get it, but right now I am going with the flow and listening to her. I wish I could have been as relaxed with Daisy. Hindsight huh?

We’ve got some school holidays to enjoy now with lots of playing with the girls. If she could play imaginary games with horses, or babies, or cushions (whatever!) talking and playing and doing this and then that, all day, then she is happy.

As we head into a whole other year for Maggie, from 3 to 4 I can’t help but be nostalgic that this chapter of little people, babies, toddlers and all that they bring is over for our family. And I am so entirely completely OK with that. One of the reasons that we decided to even have another baby was when Harper was just about to start school and we were at a group gym session where they were all sitting around singing a song together and I just felt so NOT ready that this was over for us (despite my hate of group activity singing with kids and adults). I know that we are done. That the feeling of someone missing is gone. She waited for those 6 or so years until I was ready, until we all were and now she’s here.

Maggie has brought so much joy to all of our family. She has helped every single one of us become better parents or sisters, has made us laugh and cry and there isn’t one day that goes by where I don’t hear someone tell her how cute, or gorgeous or funny she is and how LOVED she is. She is as joyous as she is I think, because she knows just how loved she is by every person that meets her.

I’m ready for this next chapter and all that it will bring. I cannot wait to see her grow up and run the show (literally she will run while doing it). I suppose my job in these early years has been to teach and guide, feed and help her grow while feeling supported and loved along the way. I love that she is still my baby, will cuddle me and need me. Perhaps that’s why there is still a dummy, holding onto that last bit of baby for a little longer (for both of us) because we are not quite ready for it to be over.

Until then we have a birthday to plan (we will be celebrating it a little earlier as I will be away at the time for the actual day), a Unicorn cake to talk endlessly about, and some more running races to do in the meantime.



  1. I have really loved reading your Maggie updates over the years. My youngest (4th child) turns 1 the day before Maggie turns 3. Definitely feeling like a new season is upon my family as well. Enjoy ❤

  2. I didn’t realise until it happened but the jump from 2 to 3 is big. There’s so much more that they can and will do for themselves. I’m not a baby person in the slightest but it did make me a bit wistful. Luckily I have my 18 month old bringing up the rear. She only started walking last month so we’ve had the max amount of babyhood I think. Thank god I don’t have to face another winter with a crawler.

  3. Almost 3!!! Happy birthday, Maggie! That went by so fast. I can’t even.

  4. Maggie is so adorable beth!
    We were helped through a hard time with the help of your gem!
    So refreshing!
    Thankyou for sharing special moments with us! Much love m X

  5. Beth – you are nearly in the light my friend. Who cares about the dummy and toilet training – she will get it, no stress. So much easier with the third isn’t it. I think Clancy was still walking around with about 3 dummies in his hand when he was Maggies age, ha ha ha. Great update, she sure is cute.

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