Dorothy May is 2 years old!

One of my favourite people in the WHOLE world had a birthday on the weekend…Miss Dorothy May turned 2! This little lady is truly PURE joy. She is hilarious, cheeky, funny and SO determined. I think she seems smaller than what she is because she is so delicate and has short hair, but this girl is FIERY and BIG on personality and she makes us all laugh so much.

Easter Sunday we celebrated her special day with lunch for Easter but it was mostly all about her – god LOVE her. She was delighted at her presents giving everyone a smooch and playing nicely. Maggie on the other hand? REVOLTING. Tantrum after tantrum that it wasn’t her birthday. It wasn’t pretty my friends, not pretty at all.

For the baby shark FANATIC – her Dad made her a Baby shark cake and she LOVED it. There was a LOT of coral consumption before the candle came anywhere near it.

Smile Dots!

And then of course….the cake! Such determination to blow those candles out. These photos sum up her personality perfectly.

Happy Birthday sweet girl…how we love you so! And PLEASE never stop closing your eyes when you smile. Please x


  1. My Grandmother’s name was Dorothy May……..she was also Dot to her friends and family. Such a beautiful person, expert knitter, Baker and gardener and the best Nana ever.
    Happy Birthday to your Dorothy May 💚.

  2. She’s so gorgeous beth!
    Great shots and love the eyes closed!
    Much love mxx

  3. Happy birthday, Dotty M!!

  4. Two year olds are the best! Love the cake, and the birthday-girl trying to blow out her candles, really sweet. X

  5. I feel like I know this little lady just through your posts, she is such a little Dot, pardon the pun

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