Barn by Biota

Last Friday on a searingly hot Highlands afternoon Rob and I were lucky enough to be guests of James Viles at his newest baby not 10 minutes from where we live in Kangaloon, the wild sibling of Biota: Barn by Biota.

It was an unusually hot afternoon, moreso when all the cooking for the evening is done outside over hot coals and fire that have been on since 11am that morning. Barn is located on a stunning 100 acre property 25 minutes from Bowral that hosts dinners each month that showcase the best local growers and farmers produce that share the same values that have been a part of Biota since it opened.

It’s a little rough & wild around the edges, like being at a friends house for dinner, except surrounded by stunning landscape, amazing food and drink and the most stunning barn and large communal table – my kind of style of relaxed dining. While the night may start off with a group of strangers, buy the time the sun has set and the cool air has made it’s way through the open barn doors, everyone becomes friends. It’s like a fabulous dinner party that you have been invited to where you know no one.

The afternoon gathering started at 5pm where guests sought out shade from that hot summer sun that was about 35 degrees. We were able to sip on out homemade cocktails in bottles and ice cold tinnies as are some of the fabulous canapés in the easterly shade of the barn. We enjoyed flat breads, kangaroo, tandoor chicken to name a few of the delights.

By the time we sat down the sun had started to go down a little, the chefs hard at work over the coals tending to our whole slow roasted lamb from Red Leaf Farm whole pumpkins and hanging cabbages and leeks. You have a chance to ask lots of questions about the cooking, the produce if this is your thing (which it is for me) what an opportunity to chat and learn from a chef on the go. This was my favourite part of this dining experience by far.

Heading into the barn eating the delights, making new friends, sipping on ice cold wine and eating this amazing food, I was a very happy girl indeed.

I was also lucky enough to head upstairs in the Barn to the self contained accomodation that is available to rent. The most stunning view from a kitchen sink that I have ever seen and gorgeous interiors. You can stay here all year round – even if there is no barn dinner on. You can find it on Air BnB too (search Wildwood Farm in Kangaloon).

Between courses James took everyone on a short walk through the farm to see some of the land and where some of the produce is grown. A stunning backdrop and perfect way to take in the night as it started to finally cool down a little. We then headed back into the barn for the main event of lamb and veggies – anyone welcome to watch the Chef break down the meat and ask questions (and try and bags the bone like I did). The dessert was an amazing nitro pav which made for quite the display for guests to take in.

This was without a doubt one of the best dining experiences I have ever enjoyed. The stunning surrounds, the fabulous communal dining experience: making new friends, the casual atmosphere to ask and learn as much or a little as you wanted, then the amazing food and wine in stunning interiors. Well, it was dead set heaven for me. I will never forget this amazing experience and I know that it will not be my last time there.

Thank you James and Ben for having us, and sharing a little of the magic that you create with us. I loved it so much. How lucky we are in the Highlands to have all we do. This experience was a reminder of that.

You can book into the dinners online here. Dates have just been opened up for March and will be throughout the year so keep an eye out for new dates as they are released. Make sure you also check out their accommodation as well – it is STUNNING. You can also check out my stories from the Night under by Barn by Biota Highlights on Instagram.

Barn by Biota
Monthly dinners
Kangloon, NSW

Does this look like something you would love to go to?
You must check it our and let me know if you go!

We were very appreciative guests of James and Barn by Biota


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