Some Good things

You know what’s going to be REALLY good? A cool change that is due to hit us early tomorrow morning. It has been SO hot all week and I am thrilled at the prospect of a southerly change. Because I am 41 and that kind of thing really floats my boat. Lots of other good stuff happening around here too.

Like the fact that Dorothy still smiles like this.

And the fact that it’s summer and the evenings look like this.

I have been reading A LOT over the holidays and it’s been the BEST. I really must try and work out how to keep it going. Here’s the 7 books I have read over the past month.

The ones that are MUST reads for me are:

Boy Swallows Universe by Trent Dalton
Lenny’s Book of Everything by Karen Foxlee
Conversations with Friends by Sally Rooney

I had a cracking chicken parma at the pub the other night that was also VERY good. Mostly because I didn’t have to cook it while it’s so hot. Paired up with an icy rose? YES MATE.

I got this perfume for Christmas from Rob (I asked for it after his cousin told me about it) and I LOVE it. It’s good!

Hydrangeas are always a good idea. They are very thirsty at the moment though.

Speaking of thirsty, we rehydrated yesterday afternoon at Lucy’s place in a paddling pool with lots of grass floating about in it but we didn’t mind because it was 78 billion degrees and we had aperol spritz’s and it felt like we were at a resort. Doesn’t take much these days.

S0 until then, I will hide from the 40 degree heat and wait out will that southerly hits. PRAISE BE.

What have you been up to that’s been good?
Got anything good to share with us?
Hope you have a GOOD day!


  1. I’ve been ‘reading’ a couple of good books lately too, but they were text/references (horticulture), not that wonderful fiction I’d love to have time to read right now! (WHAT was I thinking?! At MY age – just a few years on you, Beth – working out in THIS HEAT and trying to keep plants alive, as well as myself!)
    On another note, my local radio station yesterday debated whether the short form of your delish dish there is ‘parma’ or ‘parmy/parmi’ 😁

  2. Joanna Evans says

    Mostly annual-adultadmin around health but it’s been good to tick the boxes. Because I’m 52 and that kind of thing HAS to keep my boat afloat. A new scar to mark a youth spent in the great outdoors, ignorant to the sun, too busy having fun. And surprising myself at feeling unfazed by it taking pride of place on the face, instead feeling powerful in the choice of health versus hangups over vanity. Which got me thinking about other things, the kind of things that are deeper than what we see on the outside. Like all the things you’ve chatted about in your blogs, Beth. What shows on the outside is nice, but what glows from the inside is what gives us most joy! Joy is good. X

  3. Chicken Parma, good books and hydrangeas all float my boat! And always up for a new perfume suggestion 👍

  4. Love your blog posts Beth, insta is great but something more personal about blogging , a little more like letter writing maybe

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