Full Maggie update: 3 years, 8 months

Oh Maggie, how can it be that tomorrow you start preschool? You are ready, so ready, MY GOSH ARE YOU READY but are any of us? I don’t think so!

Somehow we have gotten to the point where Miss Maggie will be flying the coop and heading out into the big, wide world. It seems a LIFETIME ago now that I had no one at home, I had a full 4 months of it when Harper started Kindergarten and I was about to have Maggie and here we are 4 years later, with some time at home by myself (to work!). I am ready, she is ready but my goodness it has all gone fast. It really has. That stupid cliche I know to be true with each child I have.

She has had such a great summer with her sisters and cousins, Grandparents and friends with LOTS of late nights and sleep ins, swims and time with sisters. It’s coming to an end but we have so many great memories locked away. I won’t forget how she learnt how to swim all by herself at the farm, her confidence growing with each passing day. Of time at the beach running with her cousins, flying a kite. Late nights with friends, wearing singlets and undies tucked in at ALL times, her tennis outfit tucked in at ALL times, her new found obsession for gymnastics.

She’s sometimes sleeping in the day still (always in the car) and if she does is awake until well after 9pm. She still has that dummy at night (and in the holidays managed to sense our weakness and get it much more than she should). There’s been SCREAMING tantrums beyond anything we have seen from her before. She’s been hilarious and exhausting, a joy and a terror all rolled into one. Much like most almost 4 year olds.

I am already nervous about tomorrow, but I know she will be OK. I am excited about having some time to THINK during the day, to focus on work and projects and not have to tell her for the 78th gazillion time “One second I just have to get this done”.

I’m not ready to talk about what these past 4 years have done for me, so I won’t. Not yet. All she has given me. The person that I am at the other end of it. All she has done for our family. No, not ready.

So for now we will wish you well on your next adventure. Be happy for all your challenges and fun that are to come, knowing you will enjoy it all. And in the afternoons, there will be us, your home, 4 people who love and cherish and thank our blessings for you every day.

And me? Well, I will be trying to get my head around this preschool AND high school thing and all the demands of both those places emotionally and physically. We can all do this, I’m sure of it.


  1. I cannot believe that Maggie’s story has been going on for more than four years now! (I’m counting the pregnancy as part of her wonderful story)

    The joy she’s brought to your family; and how that’s radiated out to people she’ll never know – it’s quite extraordinary.

    I am looking forward to you being ready to share about all she’s changed in you Beth, it’s clearly a deep, deep work of the soul that Maggie’s brought into your life. Bless her for it! And bless you for being open to it – I mean, can you even imagine if you hadn’t been?!

  2. I can’t believe how fast it has gone. I remember the feelings only too well. One starting high school and one starting preschool and one in the middle, all those years ago but I can still feel it. She is such a gorgeous kid and you have both done an amazing job to get her there. All your girls are gorgeous. You will be fine. We had 3 years of 3 different schools, lots of post it notes stuck on the board as to who was doing what and where. I will be thinking of you tomorrow. You do realise you may not get a lot done, but that’s ok. Just remember when you ask her how her day went, please don’t be disheartened if she pipes up like our Sophie did, mummy do you mind. I had a big day. xx

  3. Such an exciting and daunting time for you all Beth. ALL the feelings!! You will get time to work but make sure that you also get a little time just to do what you want while she is at preschool. A massage or a quiet coffee or a walk without having to organise someone to keep an eye on the little one. You have earned that reward. Work is important but so is looking after yourself. Then you can keep looking after everyone else.

  4. Excuse me whilst I go and cry….beautiful words. xx

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