Monday Meal Ideas: Biscuits

Hello Term 4! It’s good to see you after 2 weeks of wet school holidays I am not afraid to say that I am happy to see the kids out the door this morning. Mostly because I know they will be having more fun than they would be having at home here, like last week, while they waited around for me to work.

Now that we are back at school I might get around to some lunchbox baking to fill the endless requests for afternoon tea and something yummy in their lunchboxes. After a gazillion platters of snacks and fruit over the past 2 weeks, biscuits I can do! Here are some of my favourites:

Chewy sultana biscuits
Buttery short sultana biscuits
Jam drops
Monte carlos

How’s your week ahead looking? I have a busy one with full steam ahead on my exciting project as well as a ROYAL VISIT from Megs and Haz…now THAT is exciting. You can bet Veggie Mama and I will be there to cover that all off.

Hope that you have a good one my friends…term 4…let’s do this!


  1. OMG Haz and Megs are preggers!

  2. Jodie Moss says

    Oh awesome why have I forgotten about making Saltana buscuits. Thankyou

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