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This morning we are hitting the road and heading back home after a week away. We stopped in at the farm for a night, then further north to Byron for another family reunion with Rob’s Dad’s side of the family that was almost a year in planning – always the way when trying to wrangle so many people. Rob only has a handful of cousins (4) and a much smaller version that my own (1 sibling to my 3) and my 16 first cousins (got to love those Catholics)! We spent time together with his cousins a few years back in Byron when we celebrated Christmas in July and this time it was Christmas in July in September/October. I think you will agree it’s got quite the ring to it.

We all stayed in our own apartments then came together down at the beach, or the bigger kids went walking or hanging out and then at night there were various dinners or drinks at each others places. It’s been so lovely to spend some quality time together – especially for Rob’s Dad – any family time together is just so good and so important.

So what have we been up to? Well I have been READING. Churning through them as I do when I am holidays. I’ve read 2 books this week:

Nine Perfect Strangers

Loved this so much – just the perfect taster to get you back into the swing of things with a read you can’t put down and perfect for our rainy weather that we started the week with. I loved the characters, the plot the suspense, the strangeness of this book and highly recommend it for holiday reading.


This is my first David Sedaris book (I know!) and my GOD I loved it. I had heard so many great things and I suppose my reluctance was not wanting to be let down but this collection of short stories, essays, blog posts almost was one of the best things I have read in a LONG time. I laughed out loud well over 4 times and I have to tell you, that take a lot. FIVE STARS and I am thrilled that I have a back catalogue to get stuck into.

The girls also read A LOT because there was no wifi PRAISE BE and they have no data!

And with one of the best book shops just down the road they have managed to devour some as well. Nothing makes me happier than seeing the joy a good book can bring a kid when they get into it. Nothing!

Daisy read Divergent and LOVED it and I have to go and get the next one as soon as the shop opens this morning for the long drive home. Harps read The Fall  and while she hasn’t finished it yet, she has loved it. And Mags, well we bought a collection of her books from home but her favourite that gets a run over and over and over again is Lulu at The Zoo.

We have been on long walks.

And swims at the beach.

In case anyone asks my swimmers are from Capricosa Swimwear about 3 years ago.

We have been to the park 59 billion times and the park at Byron is the windiest place on earth so you can imagine my delight when those two things collide. SHIT.

There’s been boardgames (Uno and Scattergories getting the biggest runs).

We have stayed in a great apartment that was cheap as chips compared to most of the places we looked at and suited our budget this time. 3 bedrooms right in the centre of it all with plenty of space – I would highly recommend it and definitely when you walk out the door and charge $12.50 for a smoothie. DEAR LORD HOW CAN A SMOOTHIE BE $12.50? I need to get out more obviously. My kids loved it when I did lessons in economics explaining why they can’t have one but instead got to go to the supermarket to see what we could buy for $37.50. Yes, I am that Mum.

We have eaten well and I have perused many a shop (buying not ONE THING) except for books because they don’t count.

And I stood in front of some great doors and walls too.

Here I am wearing:

Bonnie Blouse in Tangelo (Size S)
The Original Everyday Jeans (Size 32)
Maria Slide in Black
Louisa Rose & Co Studs

Here I am wearing:

Genoa Dress in White (Size M)
High waisted skinny jean in dark wash (Size 32)
Frankie4 BETH in Blonde
Spotting Unicorns Lighting bolt earrings

And of course we ate 562 ice creams.

And now we make the long trip home (road tripping with a country motel stay tonight YASSSSS) before arriving home to rain I think – thank goodness for that! Next week will be a busy one work wise and with juggling kids on holidays AND Rob being away – it’s going to be interesting!

So tell me, what have you been up to this week?
Tell me everything!


  1. Holy moly! $12.50 for a smoothie?! Did they had gold leaves on top??
    I am that mum too and proud of it!

  2. Sounds like an amazing getaway for you all! Books are the best and David Sedaris is hilarious. I saw him live and then had him sign my book; wickedly funny!

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