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How was your Father’s Day yesterday? We had a very quiet one here at home, nothing fancy but a nice family lunch, some playing out in the sunshine and some fried chicken. Not a bad combo I say!

The chicken I made was this recipe but I used boneless thigh fillets. It wasn’t as crispy as I would have liked  – I don’t think I drained off the buttermilk enough. Rob reckons I could have done a double fry too. Always room for improvement and frying chicken is one thing I am willing to make again. I made a simple green salad, some rolls and it was burgers galore.

Rob loved chilli too so of course there were jalapeño’s too.

Including the old spicy margarita. I got some jalapeño salt from Harris Farm a few months ago which takes a normal margarita from yum to NEXT LEVEL. You can use this recipe if you want to make one to – just slice in some jalapeños and if you can get your paws on some of that salt, make that for the rim. YASSSSSSSS.

What else has been happening? Well, I have been eating for Australia which is never a good thing but man it’s just SO COLD. And I figure that with lunches like this I don’t need to snack on all the things. Oh the lies we tell ourselves…

Spring is popping all over the garden and I have been getting it inside as much as I can. This crabapple blossom is a way off flowering yet but I love the pop of green against those branches…and who knows it may even flower in the vase.

My big sister has been up from Melbourne staying with Mum for the weekend as we caught up on Friday night. I was lucky to get some gorgeous birthday pressies from her…how gorgeous is this new indoor plant in a moss ball (kokedama)? I have never seen anything like it!

I’m not sure of what the hanging plant in it is…someone out there will know I’m sure of it. Fingers crossed I can look after it enough as I just love that sculptural look of it. The tag says it’s from Leaf and Bear.

Maggie also got a pressie when we were at Mum’s: a brand new home made quilt that she’s been waiting for! Mum has always made all her grandchildren a quilt when they have been born. The big girls have ones that are a little smaller, but this one is an eye spy flannelette quilt that is so soft and gorgeous and fits her little single bed.

Bringing sweet dreams to little Maggie that’s for sure. Thank you Mum, I love it and know that it will be used and loved for many years to come.

That’s about it round these parts, time for us to warm up next to the fire. It’s a cold and wet day here today with no signs of spring to be seen. It will be a good few weeks or months even before it actually starts to FEEL like spring, even if it looks the part.

Hope you guys have a great week ahead!
How was your Father’s day?
What have you been up to? Anything exciting planned?


  1. Shazziebazzie says

    Ooooo I love kokedamas and have started making them for gifts! Father’s Day weekend involved allllll of the baking, 5 cakes and lemonade scones!

  2. Cold and wet here In Sydney too so thanks ever so much for such a lovely cheering post and glorious photos. While I don’t often comment, I’ve never missed a post since I started reading many years ago (around the time you were writing about folding sheets and how to organise cutlery drawers 😉). I love and appreciate your work Beth and I didn’t want to let today’s effort go unrecognised. BTW, when did gorgeous Maggie get so big?

  3. That quilt is just beautiful, I am sure that will be well loved and treasured. I made my twin nieces a quilt each when they were born and last year one of the girls got her quilt out of the cupboard, worn but loved – it was made in 1979!
    I have all the equipment ready to make kokedamas, just need to find the time. Yours is gorgeous, so easy to care for.
    As for the lovely blossom trees, I just adore this time of year, those blossoms really brighten up everything. My garden is coming alive and today we finally got rain, I’m happy.

  4. Love all your posts Beth! We have my sisters wedding this coming weekend at Burrawang Pub and I can’t wait to see more of your little town. Any coffee/cheese/wine haunt suggestions would be so welcome x

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