Monday musings


Did you survive the weekend’s storms? What a terrible time so many people had with flood, wind and general storm damage. We were hit on Saturday afternoon and it did not let up for well over 24 hours. No trees down here, just our normal flooding and flooded septic and a few black outs. The town next to us Robertson copped it with train though – over 600 mls over 2 days! There have been trees down, power out, flood damage and general damage everywhere. School closed today and we have just stayed PUT. Poor Rob was out in in yesterday with the RFS helping people out….at some stage I have to hit the shops but it’s still very windy and I HATE driving around here in the wind…trees down all over the place.


So, that’s us. I hope you are all safe and sound and even though I made out I was cranky school was cancelled I secretly was thrilled we were all stuck inside for another day and I didn’t have to rush out the door this morning.

How did you fare in the wild weather?
We also got cancelled sport which is NEVER cancelled. Thank you hockey gods!

Couple of other things quickly while I am here.

Maggie has a new BFF.


She has only really known older kids the poor thing because of her older sisters and my lack of socialising her with kids her own age. So now that Archie is here, well, she’s very keen on him. During the night I can hear her practising her words over and over again. And of course number 1? ARCCHHHHH.

She’s going through some pretty big developmental stuff at the moment. She’s almost walking properly all by her self-es and the talking! Everything just seems to be happening at the moment – no wonder the poor thing isn’t sleeping – there is TOO much to say and do!

My favourite thing though? I get her to do peek-a-boo and because she has NO spacial awareness this is her version of covering her eyes.

IMG_4386 IMG_4319

And Archie? Well he has this crazy eye thing he does when he kind of flexes his whole body in an incredible hulk thing. It’s my favourite.


Babies really are the very best things in this whole wide world. Oh and power, power is good. And a non flooded septic. I like them too.

How is your Monday going?
Cop some damage at your place with the storms?


  1. oh goodness Beth – the babies!! so cute! Georgia does the increidble hulk thing as well with arms straight and tensed and face all tensed up – may be one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen!!

    Hope you have enough bread, lurpak and prosecco to get you through 🙂
    Kylie x

  2. We lost power for a few hours yesterday but not too bad considering what some people have had.
    Double the baby cuteness photos makes for a great Monday 🙂

  3. Just a lot of rain (that we really need) which has turned parts of our 1.3 km dirt driveway into a river. Thankfully no wind for a change.

    On a lighter note, when I went into the pig pen this morning to feed the piggies, I couldn’t tell the mud from the poo. Makes dodging the poo impossible….

    Happy Monday!

  4. stay away from trees beth! … too dangerous!
    bad in q where my daughter is too! … but not so bad here!
    maggie is just so adorable! she’s certainly cuteness overload! and on the now!
    too busy learning everything!
    love the bff! just a gorgeous photo with archie! and he is adorbs too!
    stay safe! love m:)X

  5. Adorable!!

  6. mrshanksy says

    I have torn my bloody hip flexor trying to do the freakin limbo at “Ladies” Day at the rugby. .. clearly not 25 any more!! It’s all bruised and debilatating and excruciating and embarrassing but if anyone asks I totally did it playing tennis!! Shud have stayed at home!! Arghhhh!!! ?

  7. We had such lovely family time during the blackouts! The kids opened up the games cupboard and played monopoly, twister and even chess whilst I got up to date with the mountainous pile of clothes to be folded. Then after a gourmet dinner of potato crisps and salad (the salad was only to stop me feeling so guilty about the chips) we all sat down to a family game of blokus by candlelight. There’s a lot to be said for no screens and nothing else to do!

  8. Oh yes, I remember the developmental stuff just after Eleanor turned one seemed BIG enormous stuff. All of the things! Quite the business. She used to do the same thing with the peekaboo, except over her ears/side of her head, so it looked like an ‘oh no!’ exclamation?! Kids are so weird. And awesome.

  9. I can’t wait to hang out with my sister and her baby when I move to Sydney {even if her baby and my eldest are the same age… 3 years old}. I’ll still have a 2 year old and a newborn to bring to the mix…

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