Now I am 41

I had a birthday on Thursday and apparently that means that I am now 41. Huh.

I’ve had such a lovely few days with lots of catch ups with family and friends, it’s been a lovely celebration that has filled me up with happiness. What more could you ask for for your birthday? Nothing! I knew things were going to be good when we went out for breakfast here on Thursday morning before school and right next to our table at the kitchen sat a tray FILLED with pork crackle.

Which I was given as a pre-breakfast snack! And then when a left an entire container of the stuff. The pork god were looking down favourably on me…a fortuitous sign for the year ahead I think!

I was taken out for a lovely lunch with Rob and NO TODDLER (thanks Luce for minding her) and just had a lovely day with my family. So many gorgeous messages from near and far too.

Yesterday I threw myself a long ladies lunch (my favourite thing to do) at my place with some family and friends. Sometimes on your birthday you just have to make things happen…that way it happens! I love hosting friends and family, sitting around a table eating and chatting without anywhere to go that stretches from lunch to dinner and that’s exactly what we did. Kids arriving after school, and husbands later.

I filled the table with late winter blooms that was a frenzy of pink! I even stole Maggie’s bunting from her bedroom for my party. Apparently I am actually a 7 year old!

Everyone brought food with them (that way you only have to make one dish) with a theme of Middle Eastern. I was given Ottolenghi’s cookbook for my birthday and on a real roll with these delicious flavours and salads…it was a FEAST.

We started with home-made hommus with ground beef and spices and bread and some homemade labne from Mrs Munro in the sunshine in the garden with a margarita and spicy jalapeño salt.

Then it was inside to a feast of salads, chicken, meatballs…all SO good. Give a theme and watch the wonders that arrive when people have to make ONE good thing. It’s THE best non fuss entertaining.

Aunty Tricia made a GINGER FLUFF PRAISE BE to finish off with some gorgeous poached pears that Mum made. Heaven.

It was early to bed for all of us (another thing I love about a long lunch) and this morning Rob took the girls to hockey while I pottered about with my new gorgeous presents, fluffing leftover flowers and mopping the floor. Calm and order has been restored  and I am ready to take on 41 with gusto.

Birthdays can be a weird thing. Expectations and all round weirdness is a thing that has sometimes plagued my birthdays (I blame our Mum who always made SUCH a fuss of us) but this one was perfect. Not over the top. Simple. At home. With people that I love who all made a point of telling and showing me how important I was to their lives. Now THAT is the best birthday present a girl could ask for.

And thanks to all of YOU out there in my laptop who sent me lovely messages…I read them ALL (and wish I could have replied to them all). They mean the world to me, so thank you.

Hope you guys have a great weekend!


  1. That looks like the best birthday celebration I’ve seen in a long time. Good food, special people, flowers and cake all in your own home. Perfect.
    Happy belated birthday Beth, here’s to many more.
    Cheers Kate

  2. tamara crowe says

    I look forward to your posts like these where we feel invited into your home. Everything looked amazing. I love the way you create your home to be such a warm and inviting space. You really are the perfect hostess with the mostest. Happy Birthday Beth, and here’s to 41 being a year filled with love, good health and much happiness x

  3. Gorgeous photos and Happy Birthday! I love setting the table and gathering everyone around for a feast, and lots of wine. Beautiful x

  4. I didn’t get round to it on Thursday, so here’s a belated bestest birthday wishes to you! Looks like a birthday done right! I hope the year ahead is filled only with the things you need.
    I just want to thank you for continuing to share in this space – you offer more comfort and solidarity than you know!

  5. Happy Birthday, beautiful setting, keep celebrating every day is a blessing.
    Great food, good company are the basis of our life.
    Thank you for your wonderful way of giving.
    Love the green glasses, where are they from?

  6. Happy birthday, Beth! Gorgeous photos show a lovely time.

    What is in the green bowl in picture #7 (the one with the glasses of wine). I would love to have the name so I could look up a recipe. It looks luscious!

  7. dear beth … you are the business hun!
    it all looks fabulously beth! … especially love that urn!!!
    happy, happy birthday!
    much love mx
    you are 7!

  8. Gorgeous girl, gorgeous day! Happy belated birthday, you’ve inspired me for my 41 next month! Xx

  9. Your birthday lunch looked wonderful and very special Beth. Do you think you could post the recipes for your Middle Eastern feast please?? Hopefully your friends won’t mind and I know we’d all love to make them too. Thanks. Happy days.

  10. Happy birthday, Beth. Your lunch looked a dream! I wonder if you could share a bit more about the book on top of the pile in your photo, the Brene Brown? Was it a request? It’s calling out to me… just from the title.

  11. That lunch looks amazing!! Can we have a middle eastern recipe post with some of those dishes?! Glad you had such a great day!

  12. Wishing you a fabulous year ahead Beth, filled with good health, great times & amazing adventures! Xx

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