The Throne Rangers: A podcast for Royal enthusiasts {ep 3}

What a fortnight it’s been for the Royal Family…episode 3 of The Throne Rangers Podcast is now live and there’s SO much to cover off!

This is a jam packed episode with lots to discuss…Kate still trotting about in her nude pumps despite being 156 weeks preggers and Zara in her blue pumps with not a swollen ankle in sight between the two of them.

Learning what a nose gay is…and how this year’s included rosemary, thyme and freesias.

Meghan daring to don a bootleg jean…as well as all the wedding plans to date.

Phil’s hip op, the new Crown series and lots more! This episode e will keep you fully informed on what’s been happening in the Royal Family for the past fortnight.

You can listen here:

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Hope you enjoy!

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