One thing: Those bloody photo books

Another thing that sits on my “ongoing guilt list of shit that needs to get done but cannot be bothered and now it’s too late so maybe I won’t do it but will just continue to feel vaguely guilty about it” are those bloody photo books. From like, 2015, 2016, and 2017. Funnily enough that this coincides with the arrival of my third child….hmmm.

I have a great collection of them from the years before then covering holidays and highlights from every year, and I did do one for my 40th last year, but the rest of the year ones have been left neglected. Get in line phonebooks, you are not alone. You should see the waxing situ at the moment!

For those of you new to this, #onething is where I do just ONE THING from my to-do list, but not your every day to-do list. Oh no, this is the list of non essential items that sort of kind of need to get done but it’s no biggie if they don’t get done until next week, or next month, or um, next year. Those things.

So there I was, sitting on the couch scrolling through Instagram recently (oh the things I learn from all of the people on Insta) when I saw a request from JetsetMama asking for the best way to make books from Insta photos. There were loads of suggestions but one of them was for Chatbooks so before I knew it, I had downloaded the app and put together a photo book from my photo album on my phone. Seriously it took me like 10 mins, from reading the name to downloading, choosing what I wanted and ordering. I figured even if it was dodgy, it was going to cost me $30, and so I was OK with the loss if there was to be one. I pressed send and off it went to the US I think? And then I waited.

Anyway, look what arrived in the mail today. All the way from the States! I think about 2 weeks from when I did it on the couch in like 10 minutes.

It’s a soft cover, small book but look you guys!

All of my favourite photos from the year, pulled in from my camera albums (sure there are no captions) but it’s DONE. 2017, locked and loaded and taken out of the clouds and into a real life book that we can all touch, remember and look through. Rather than amongst the 16,000 photos on my phone. And no, I’m not exaggerating.

And hasn’t Maggie LOVED looking at it today? So have I. And the girls. And I love the fact that it was so easy that I won’t be lazy enough to NOT do it. You know?

I’d love to know if you use any kind of apps what you use for books. Got any cheats you’d like to share? I have to say the quality on this one and the cost, turnaround and ease factor gives it 5 stars from me. And I think you can do volumes of your Insta photos or Facebook photos if you have a lot in there too. Not sponsored too obvs.

What was your one thing this week?
Got a task that has been put off SO much it’s gone into the ether?
Go choose something, right now, just have a look around and there will be something waiting…


  1. I need to do this! My girls love scrolling at the old (five years worth!) of photos on my phone. Will definitely look up chatbooks. Thanks Beth xx

  2. I have about 100 Chatbooks so far, nearly done my ENTIRE IG history, now contemplating doing my personal FB page and then deleting! I do love the captions, well most of them!

  3. I have about 100 Chatbooks so far, nearly done my ENTIRE IG history, now contemplating doing my personal FB page and then deleting most of the photos because digital footprint! I do love the captions though, well most of them!

  4. I have 20 + photo albums and am quite manic about order. We went to a wedding 11 years ago and my camera died. Still waiting to get photos from my daughter. So my photo compiling stalled 11 years ago. 🤔🤔 Now I have so many on my phone, so many events, holidays and babies born and have felt unable to do anything. Thanks for the app idea I think I will start slowly and do a few. Thanks again!!

  5. Thank you foe posting, I need to do this, too many choices, so good to know something works – I look forward to reading other comments

  6. I used Social book. It basically downloads directly from all your facebook posts and then you can delete what you don’t want etc. You can include all the comments so it has those to remember your photos and others reactions. I’ve done one for the past five years but will probably stop at 2017 as I find I am posting less in Facebook in 2018 and as time goes on.

    • I saw one pop up on FB late last year called PastBook and gave it a whirl – it downloaded photos from 2017 and I’m really happy with how it turned out – and I was in bed while I did it on my phone – bonus!

    • Great idea! I wonder often if Facebook is dead….seems to be the way it’s going.

  7. I saw one pop up on FB late last year called PastBook and gave it a whirl – it downloaded photos from 2017 and I’m really happy with how it turned out – and I was in bed while I did it on my phone – bonus!

  8. I always do a book to present to my husband for Father’s Day each year. It chronicles everything from September to September and it ensures that I a) never worry about what to get my husband – it’s always a hit, and b) means I get it done because technically it’s for someone else and there’s a deadline!

  9. There is a funny video on the Chatbooks site. I’m glad to see the app is available for both iPhones & on Google PlayStore. You can add captions (although I’m prone to fat-fingering on the phone…)

  10. Yep – I use Chatbooks too. They just send me a new book now automatically when my Insta gets another 60 pics or something. If I could be bovvered I can go back and pick a different cover or change a caption but it’s kinda a set and forget and it works for me. So easy and now I always have actual hard copies of my pics instead of stressing and feeling guilty about either losing them all or just never getting around to it…. now I just need to get all those old videos and old camera tapes transferred to DVD or USB or the cloud or something…. that can be your next one thing for us – who does old video transfers and whats the best format to keep them in, these days????

  11. I’ve use snapfish before and have been very happy with their products (an you can pick up from Kmart to avoid postage costs!!!). I too am many years behind in my photobooks…. I used to always do an annual family calendar but since we lost dad 3 years ago I haven’t – apart from me he was the main contributor of photos for it 🙁 I did however make and order a collage canvas print last night to hang in the cabin we have purchased at the beach!!! Going to add photbooks to my one thing list – thanks for the reminder!!!

  12. Quick question, where did you find that cover in the App

    • I’m not sure Kylee – that was an option for me when I did it (perhaps it’s not there anymore?) sorry I did it all so quickly I can barely remember what I did!

  13. Brooke @farmfolkandco says

    Looks amaze, going to give it a burl!!! Thanks x

  14. Yay! Thanks Beth. One gift Chatbooks done for my 2 year old daughters bestie who has moved away of all their adventures together & it’s delivered straight to her door. Winning! Great recommend. Also motivated my #onething task to order 2 canvas prints of family pics. Feel a celebratory drink coming on & I have you to thank. Cheers!

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