Full Maggie Update: 2 years, 9 months

If I was to say to Maggie today, how about this? How about that? She would say back to me, How about NO? And that my friends, sums up Miss Maggie Roslyn Macdonald at 2 years, 9 months.

Oooh we have a live one here! And hasn’t she come into her own this past month? Sister’s back at School, time for her to rule the roost back home and have us ALL wrapped around her finger. This kid you guys, she has fire and spunk, sass and TROUBLE written all over her. It’s both terrifying and completely bewildering. You go GF, just as I say along the way OK?

She has dropped her day sleep probably 5 days out of 7 a week which is all like SHIT. But! It also means that at 6.30pm she is out for the night and I can have some kind of night to do fun stuff, like work. If she has a long sleep, like she did today, bedtime will literally go for HOURS and HOURS. It’s like a war zone and there is only one winner, Maggie.

She is obsessed with puzzles (well demanding that we do them while she watches and yells at us) she loves fighting with Archie over who gets what car or bike to ride on, she loves having books read to her and playing with her babies. She loves swimming whenever she wears me down long enough to take her. Same with the park, the lady likes to swing. For 40 minutes at a time. While yelling at me that I am not pushing hard or high enough.

With her sister’s back at school she has had much more time with me and that means a juggle to try and get up early and get work done before she gets up and then when she goes to bed at night. I am TIRED.

She misses the girls a LOT. We really need to get onto Preschool.

And the dummy? Man is it going strong. Will she have it at age 8 I wonder? Toilet training still on track (despite her constant refusal to do a poo anywhere near a toilet) whatevs maybe she will do that when she is 8 too. We’ll get there.

Until then, I will keep doing as I am asked, and hold onto those cuddles when she needs me. Despite her cranky grown up ways “I’m a BIG GIRL NOW MUM!” I know she is still very much a little lady that needs all of us around her.

Heaven help us all.


  1. omg beth!
    good luck hun!
    great shots to capture the nuances of moods and she is still oh so adorable!
    but I don’t have to look after her! … just beautiful!
    much love mx

  2. What an absolute little lady. I know how frustrating it must be especially since you work at home. You make my head spin sometimes by everything you do. I wish I could go back to when our 3 kids were small. I wouldn’t have worried about housework etc as much as I did. I would now play and just watch the kids as they grow so fast. My 3 are all beautiful adults now, with lives of their own, and I am not ashamed to say that I want my babies back. Maggie is just so gorgeous and you are such a great mum, with all 3 of your girls. You are a lucky lady as they are to have you. Enjoy her and step back and just take it all in.

  3. Don’t worry about the lack of sleep for now Beth. There is plenty of time in the future for that and you are a long time dead. Enjoy everything that is thrown at you at the moment because before you know it, those three amazing females will be all grown up and you will wonder where it all went. My eldest started Uni this week. I am still trying to get my head around it all. Time… it never stops ticking….

  4. I’ve got a feisty one too — console myself that it will serve her well navigating the world as an adolescent and adult.

    Is pushing kids on the swing not the absolute pits of motherhood? Soooooooooo tedious!

  5. Thanks so much Beth! I am sure you and your family would enjoy these immensely.Cheers, Kiki

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