Full Maggie Update: 3 years, 5 months

Our Miss Maggie is growing up you guys, all of a sudden there’s long legs and big kid and all little girl and very little sign of toddler and it’s scary and wonderful and exciting and sad. Being a Mum is a complex thing isn’t it?

Things have been great with our littlest lady – you’ll remember from our last update that the dummy had been ditched and even better than that, we are out of nappies and pull ups totally now and that’s made a huge difference. I am so proud of her night time stuff especially – Daisy was like this at this age and then Harper was much later before she was out of pull ups (more closer to 5) so I know that it takes different times for different kids. But there’s been very few accidents (she seems to wake up crying even if she is asleep and I can plonk her on the toilet and she goes straight back to sleep without even realising it). It’s been great. I especially not like buying them.

We’ve had some school holidays which is always a happy time for Maggie to be with her sisters. She had a great time in Byron with cousins and the beach (and the park, it’s always the bloody park no matter where we are). She shared a room with Harper – little single beds side by side – and it was the first time we have been away where she managed to stay in her holiday bed the whole time. She’s growing up.

Archie is still her best friend (as she tells me most days) and when they are together they are mostly happy. We see him most days when he is not at daycare (2 days a week) and on the days when Archie isn’t there, she reluctantly makes do with Dotty. One day I am sure they will be best friends too. Because we have been so busy with Luce and work, there’s been LOTS of time together. Basically our homes are like offices/daycare centres. I am so grateful they have this time together.

Harper and Maggie have become better friends recently too. Daisy is always number one because she so happily devotes play time to her – endless games over and over of imaginative play – and Harper just doesn’t like to do that. They are getting better though. She’s starting to get more interested in puzzles and the like which is much more Harper’s thing.

I get it Harps, the endless Barbie games kill me some times.

Our days together are simple and pretty boring. Some park time, some outside time, some running around with life maintenance time (usually stop into a bribed park trip on the way home), some quiet time with the iPad while I do work, and then normal big sister time and day to day life. The days fly by, the weeks and the months, it’s almost November, somehow.

I’m so glad I got to do this time again – it was always so rushed or stressed with Harper having Daisy just a little bit older than here. This time it’s been cherished, and of course at times lamented that I am back here again. As I said, Mum’s are complex. As are 3 year olds.

I’m looking forward to some big projects all coming to a head shortly and for some normal routine to return to Maggie and my days. A little less time on the laptop and more time doing fun stuff for her. We have lined up her care for next year (she will be at family daycare 1 day per week and Preschool 2 days) and then POSSIBLY, SOMEHOW she may start school the following year in 2020. I don’t know how we got here.

Some days seem so incredibly frustrating that I am still doing all these things that I thought I had moved on from – that it’s been 4 years of things now being different – and somehow it seems we are barrelling onto the next stages of care and being even more grown up. I’m ready, she’s ready, but more than any of that I am just so glad that we got to do all this again. I get asked over and over about writing about that decision to go for a third child – and one day I will get around to writing it but the time is never right – one day the words will come. And they will mostly be yes, yes, yes and yes.

How could they not?

And in the meantime, slow down Maggie, there’s no rush is there? Although time has its mind about such things x


  1. Beautiful Maggie, how on earth is it possible that you’ll be at school year after next? That can’t be right can it? Then I look at your recent photos and, sure enough, you’re a big girl now!

  2. Beautifully written, I had to choke back tears so I didn’t alarm the kids!
    We decided to have our third baby after much anguished thought, Can I cope? Will I survive the sleep deprivation? Will I have enough time for my other two children?….
    Nearly two years on from the birth of our third child & everyday we are so grateful we had the courage to welcome her into our lives!!!
    Thank you for sharing your life with us all. Xx

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