Full Maggie Update: 2 years, 8 months

Some months I hardly notice a difference in Maggie and then others? Like this past one? Well it seems like she has grown up SO much. 4 months or more in the past I am sure of it! All of a sudden she is ALL little girl.

I think it has to do with being around her sisters so much as she has been, learning so much, keeping up, doing ALL of the things. It’s all happened.

If you hadn’t noticed, the dummy was not given to Santa. I couldn’t do it! I mean I could have, but I knew what was ahead of us if we did do it. PLUS we had just started toilet training AND moving into a bed, one thing at a time I say…

I know Mags, it’s all about me and not you. You’ve got this. As you have proven so much over the past few weeks. You have got dancing DONE. Girlfriend, you are mad for it. The crazy facials when you do it though? I am not sure where they come from…they are ALL you.

And until then, the dummy remains. It means sleep. And comfort. I’m cool with it.

There’s been so much adventuring and growing…she is taller than ever. I think she’s going to take after her Amazion sisters.

She has absolutely thrived being around her big sisters and having both Rob and I around with little work and lots of time to do things with her.

The toilet training has gone very well. Helped by the fact that Archie is doing it too and so they make sure they are both as grown up as each other. She face-timed Archie when we were at the farm to show him how she wees on the toilet! Classic toddler behaviour. God love them. She is not interested in number 2 of the toilet, demanding a pull up for that, then back to the knick knacks. Works for me, if it works for her and pull ups at night. I am amazed at how well she has done.

She’s as crazy as ever though, like most 2 year olds are. Lots of laughs. And tantrums….for all of us!

And while she has grown SO much – a big bed, undies, doing ALL of the things, there are still moments when she is absolutely my baby.

And always will be. Thank goodness for that.


  1. Sandra Scott says

    A beautiful blog post, I thoroughly enjoyed hearing all about what a two and something is up to. My fave photos are on the horse and the last one with mum. Thank you for sharing Beth, she’s precious as are her sisters.

  2. Awww she is too cute. I wish they’d stay small a bit longer. My youngest will always be my baby too and he’s 6! Love those mummy cuddles. Loved the dummy for all my kids. When the time comes you can just snip off the top and say it’s broken and never replace it.

  3. Such a beautiful post. Your Maggie is gorgeous, but you know that already don’t you xxx

  4. Love your pics! They capture all the magic and love you write about. And then there’s the goggles 😂

  5. Linda Jenkins says

    That is a lovely post – I love the photo with the dummy and goggles !

  6. Lisa Aherne says

    This beautiful little girl is a clone of her mother! I see it everywhere. So very precious, Beth, I think you will relive your life through this gift of a girl. Have fun!

  7. Thanks for sharing Beth! You have a little ripper there, well done mum & dad!
    Liz x

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