Monday meal ideas: Wrap it up!

Hello Second Monday in November, my how quickly you have come around! There’s no mistaking it now friends, we are HURTLING towards the end of term/year and there is nothing we can do about it. What we CAN do is, is eat well, try and get some exercise in and rest as much as we can at night. Seems good in theory right?

Here’s some of my favourite recipes for eating quick and easily at night and for me that means wrapping up dinner! Kids will eat it and I can usually sneak in more greens that I normally would if I just whacked it on a plate. Weird, but true.

Lamb & salad wraps
Slow cooked pork tacos & salsa
Pita bread for slow cooked lamb & salad
Beef tacos

How is your week ahead looking? We are in a sweet spot at the moment, with very little plans (for a change) so I am absolutely soaking it up, getting lots of work and chores done around the house and revelling in the mundane. After so many crazy months, it is SO good. Hope the week ahead is a good one for you guys! x

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