Monday meal ideas: A tasty balance

In my quest to be eating better food I am finding that balance is where it’s at. Total deprivation only leads to blow outs, but if there’s enough exercise I can have the odd dumpling blow out (or make that 45 of those last week). Here are some ideas that cover both the ying and the yang…

Slow cooked pork for tacos (with salsa)
Southern fried buttermilk chicken
Slow cooked lamb with salsa verde
Baked Camembert

How is your week looking? I have little to no plans for a change so I am planning on taking things nice and s  l  o  w  as well as catching up on work and emails and general life admin stuff. That’s it for travel for me for this year so I am very much focused on being here with the kids and trying to create some normal (man they want some normal). I hope that your week ahead is good – for those in Victoria enjoy your long weekend and for the rest of us, may the sun shine, the kids sleep, the washing basket empty and your desire to exercise be strong! We can all live in hope…

Have a good one friends x

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