#notafatmoleforchristmas (again): 2 weeks in update

Alternative Title: Do chia seeds provide any other purpose other than something to pick out of your teeth for 45 minutes after eating them?

It’s been a little over 2 weeks friends into my latest health kick that just so coincided with this time LAST year when I was (again) trying to not be a fat mole for Christmas. Just thought I would check in and let you know how things are going.

I started off with a bang! Day one I had a meeting that required a shower! And make up! And to be businessy. It made a great start mentally for me. Look! BUSINESS TIME.

Since then I have been VERY busy, man it has been a busy year, but these last 6 months in particular have been full ON. I am in need of being quiet. Not being online. And resting. I have promised myself that this Christmas I am going to take time off the blog (even though every year I say that I will and never do).

I always find making time for exercise tricky. Like I said, busy, but truly, the juggling that is required to get it done either in the morning, or at night sees me running around like a crazy woman getting work deadlines done, blog stuff done and then kids stuff. But I have been doing it. I have!

Remembered AGAIN just how much I love getting outside by myself with some music on clearing my brain. It’s the simplicity of it: get out, walk. Run. Come home. I love the things I think about, the tricks my mind plays with myself, hearing a song I REALLY like. It might be good for the body but I swear it’s ALL about your mental wellbeing. Feeling overwhelmed? Go for a walk. Feeling like shit? Go for a walk. Truly, get outside and just be, it makes such a difference,.

I have been trying hard to eat well. Good, simple cooking with as many greens as I can fit in and no bread. Bread is not my friend even though I fucking LOVE the stuff. But the bloat is gone the minute I stop shovelling it into my mouth. When will I get the memo and actually STICK to it? Lots of eggs, hardly any sugar and trying not to drink booze, especially during the week. Like I said, trying.

We have started a little Facebook group for some local mates of ours and husbands. A Biggest loser if you will, money thrown into a pot and winner takes all. It’s not really about weight loss (well for me at least) more a chance to be motivated, and because I am so bloody competitive not wanting to let anyone beat me in our weekly challenges. This week it’s a 30km challenge: walk/run/cycle however just get 30kms done. Next week it might be to do 3 HIIT workouts. It’s good, and making me keep at it.

But most of all, this simple stuff: move more, eat less shit, eat better stuff is all about my mind. I feel exhausted and sleep well. I get distracted by better stuff and do less lazy, bad stuff (like sit on my arse and drink wine and scroll through my phone). It’s all good stuff, and makes me less cranky. Skin looks better too as I have been drinking water and sweating.

So annoying how it’s all true.

Let’s see where we are at in another 2 weeks, but for now? That’ll do pig.

How’s things going for you?
Getting into the swing of it all?
How do you stay motivated?
9 weeks till Christmas!


  1. Have you watched the last 2 episodes of catalyst about gut health. Interesting stuff related to diet! Go you! I’ll join you half heartedly. Your meals look so delish!! 5kg need to come off now post baby but I’m feeding and I’m so ravenous. I’ll be making good food choices instead of the pkt of Tim tams.

  2. Bloody hell … 9 weeks to Xmas !!! #notafatmoleforChristmas I’m with you. Like you love my bread & recently discovered Baker’s Delight Lo-Fo which is great. BUT I should cut it out and see how I go – its really hard though! Off the booze during the week (have been for a while) I exercise reguarly so for me its mainly about what I stuff in my mouth!! Also the big one … turning 5-0 in Decmeber ouch! I suppose that should motivate me?? Fingers crossed

  3. I think I will have no choice but to be a fat mole for Christmas (pregnant and due in Feb haha), but I am trying to slowly improve my habits after giving into some unhealthier cravings for a while too long. I loved using your hashtag last year (it got quite a reaction then haha) and it was very fun to know I wasn’t the only one having a go at being my best me. I will be following along, even though the hashtag won’t work for me this time! x

  4. Every time I make a plate of veggies san carbs I think #notafatmoleforchriatmas but the truth is sugar is my downfall. HUGE MEGA DOWNFALL. I go really well until about Friday then I forget everything & it’s a free for all. It’s horrible cycle I don’t seem to be able to break. I’ve lost my running mojo but I’m still walking a few kms most days. Deep down I know I should, & can, do more/better but I just can’t muster the enthusiasm. Piss poor excuse isn’t it?

  5. Oh, and my two cents worth I’m going offline is DO IT!!! For the last few years I log out of Insta ( my only social media) at the beginning of December & don’t log back in until the new year. It is the best! I am super productive & my head is clear. DO IT!!!!

  6. Can I just say the 5/2 diet for 2 days a week I drink tea and coffee and eat fruit and a glass of wine when I get home from work and the rest of the week just carry on as normal I don’t have to think about diets just 2 days a week have a complete break from thinking about food

  7. Can I just say the 5/2 diet for 2 days a week I drink tea and coffee and eat fruit and a glass of wine when I get home from work and the rest of the week just carry on as normal I don’t have to think about diets just 2 days a week have a complete break from thinking about food I feel great took me about 2 weeks to get used to it

  8. Make the chia seeds into a chia seed pudding with almond milk- add berries or pomegranate seeds and there’s a tasty and exciting breakfast (or dessert).

    • P.S Vanilla almond milk, or a slightly sweetened almond milk will make it more appealing. Though usually I just use our regular unsweetened almond milk and add a few drops of vanilla essence.

  9. Nice one Beth. How did you step it up from walking to running? Did you follow a program? Do you use a particular app to track how far/fast you go? Jen

    • I use Map my Walk which is good. There are apps you can download to help the transition as well as running programs (Couch to 5k) is one of them. Good luck!

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