Monday Meal Ideas: Super Sides!

I can completely lose interest in dinner if it’s just the bog standard meat and a couple of veg or salad…but if I go a little more trouble with a side, chances are it will make me want to cook and then eat the dinner. And for me, I’m more likely to skip the chicken/fish/meat and eat the side instead.

Here are some of my favourites that will put a little pep in your weekly dinner cooking step. Maybe.

One pot oven roasted goodness
Charred fennel
Roasted Vegetable & quinoa salad
Sunshine Rice

How’s your week looking? Mine is looking VERY different and a little exciting! This morning Rob and I are off to HONG KONG for 3 nights (plus one overnight flight) to do a shoot for Frankie4 Footwear! There is a new shoe coming out in a few months that may be called BETH and she needs to have a solid travel workout just to be sure she is up to speed. YOU GUYS! A SHOE. I am so excited about this, and cannot wait to share her with you…

So follow along this week for some dumpling action, a little travel exploring and photos of me with my feet cropped out! Hope you all have a great week…I’ll be back here first thing Friday morning. Then I might collapse, it’s been busy.

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